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In This video we are going to talk about this sex toy which is flash light mastubator & i will also tell you about how to purchase this product in india 1st i will share the details of this sex toy & then after how to buy this sex toy the name of this sex toy is flash light mastubator it is easy to hide product because it does not look like a sex toy this sex toy comes with inbuild vibrator which have different speed mode This is high quality silicon rubber which give you realistic feel its give you a feeling of real sex you can also use this sex toy by putting out this vagaina & hold this in your hand then do mastubation this part consist of its vibrator it is opctional to use vibrator with this sex toy it is very easy to use product you can easily wash this sex product , the silicon part is cleaned by waster after the mastubation you can buy this sex toy in india , any place or any city it is chepest sex toy , the price of this mastubator is 1600 INR i will explain you every thing how to buy sex toy & how to make payment for it use lot of water or any oil during mastubation by using this sex toy if you do sex in real then yoc can give 20/20 points to it but when you use this product you cant stop your self to give at least 16-18 point there is no extra delevery charge for this sex toy you can buy sex toy with the price of 1600 inr nor extra delevery charges now i am going to tell you how to buy sex toys in india & how to place order you have to use whatsapp to buy this sex toy


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