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Sex Toy Reviews: Moxie (We-Vibe)


Hello I’m Vanessa from Mia muse and I am really excited to be reviewing this toy I know so small and discreet but it packs a punch it’s the We-Vibe Moxie You put it down your underwear you use the magnet to hold it in place so it’s resting up against the vulva like this and then it just vibrates away while you’re doing your day job give the remote to someone in your office don’t let the boss know and see what happens or use the app. It comes with an app if you’re in a long-distance relationship this is amazing.Essentially there are all the wonderful modes and speeds, it’s a really powerful little clit tickler it also has this beautiful silicon that disperses any intense vibrancy, really great. I just love the novelty of it. My partner, she pops it in the strap-on. She finds it really comfortable because of how flat it actually is that it’s not intrusive at all and it just adds this really interesting vibration for the person wearing the strap-on then while they’re penetrating giving that force. Oh! Divine. So yeah, lots of uses wonderful just click tickler straight up if you just want to pop it on your clit or your vulva. Awesome toy! Thanks We-Vibe .


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