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Sex Toy Review: Miss Bi (Fun Factory)


Good Evening Vanessa here from Mia Muse reviewing the Miss Bi from Fun Factory Trust me, you can rename them after they’re yours but until then, this is the Miss Bi OH MY GOD! The best thing about this, well one of the best things about it is it’s black! And for me that is really sexy. So I don’t know what happened with the industry never making any black sex toys but here is this sexy line.So this is a dual stimulator which means you can use it externally and internally for people with pusssies at the same time. You may want to penetrate your g-spot The length of this toy is actually targeted for g-spot discovery and exploration So that’s the perfect length for that not that we’re all the same size but essentially, this will suit most people. There’s a beautiful, nice, maliable clit tickler which is a big thing these days because a lot of the old dual stimulator vibrators ‘the rabbit’ as their also know, was pretty hard, it was actually just really hard and if you’ve got something inside of you because we’re all different, this needs to adjust to everyone’s bodies but the beauty of this and what we found out yesterday was that is was just comfortable for me and my partner to use and it felt really good.This vibrator in particular has 7 modes and 7 speeds so you’ve got it all covered. which most Fun Factory toys do and what is great about that… and one thing I look for in a dual stimulator is turning off the shaft while the clit vibrates. That’s been a key thing for me but actually what got me off was the double vibration. and OH MY GOD today I feel like a new woman I was like my pussy is open all morning and I just felt fully alive and engaged and aside from a wonderful time with my partner I’d attribute a lot of that to this beauty.So, I think the key thing is a beautiful gerth that really just massages the entry of the vagina if you use it that way. So who would I recommend this for? I’d recommend it for people who want to explore on their own. There’s a lot of good times in this baby. I’d also recommend it for couple play we were using it yesterday, it was fun Couple play can be everything, as long as people aren’t intimidated and in their ego about it. It’s beautiful to watch someone getting off or seeing what they like it can be really helpful for you as their lover Single play for sure especially if you like clit stimulation and the penetration at the same time. If you get all randy and then you’re like please put something inside of me, you’ve got both options here. .


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