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Sex toy unboxing, but make it queer | Riley J. Dennis


– Hey everyone, my name is Riley and today I have another sex toy unboxing for you all. If you’ve bene following my channel for awhile, you’ve probably seen a bunch of these and that’s because Adam and Eve is a really great sponsor and they keep sending me a bunch of sex toys that I get to talk about on camera. And I get to do it in a really queer way, because on this channel we talk about all kinds of queer sex. It doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation is, but the stuff we’re unboxing today can be used by literally anyone, regardless of whether you’re queer or not. So if you see anything that you like, remember that you can go to adamandeve.com and use the offer code RILEY to get 50% off of almost any one item and free shipping in the US and Canada. Some exclusions apply. So let’s get started. First up we have these double play bullets which are cute as fuck. Two different bullets combined for your pleasure. The fun is all in where you place them.You get one ball top shaped and one egg shaped to nestle into intimate places and buzz away with 20 unique vibration functions. An easy to use wired remote let’s you control bullets with your hands so the bullets can stay where they are. All right, let’s get in here. Oh my god, it is the cutest pink color. I love this light pink. Can you focus on the toy please camera? There we go, yeah look at that.Just such a nice pale pink and it’s so soft, this one is all super bendy and then this one is much firmer, but both of them are over here connected to this remote that is battery powered. Yeah it takes a couple of batteries which I do not have but this is cute as fuck and I love it. It’s got a pretty good range with these cables here, too, like you could take them pretty far apart, which means you have room to tug on them and stuff without jerking one away from your partner. It’s so squishy. So this would be great for all sorts of play. Particularly for clits but sometimes for people with penises as well because you could even use it on your partner’s nipples or something so you could have one on you and one on your partner. Or you could both be using them.I feel like you could get creative with these and it would be really fun, and then fight over about who has control over the remote. Okay, next up. We have the seven speed Pearls Petite Sensations it looks like a, hang on I want to get it out of its box but it looks so much like, you know in cars when they have those things so you can break the window in case you’re car gets trapped under water and you need to get out the window or something, it looks like that.It’s got the pointy end so you’d just be like, chh chh chh, to get out of the window. I do not think that’s what it’s used for. Please don’t use it for that. It is very point though. This part is really bendy though and soft. Let me see what it has to say on the box. I got too excited. Try Petite Sensations Pearls to feel absolute pleasure, whether you’re a beginner or an expert at anal play. The slim set of vibrating anal beads is ideal for those who are new to anal play or those experienced users that crave that world changing sensation, over and over. Cool, and it’s 100% waterproof, and fully submersible, and it says includes a battery so I think the battery goes in this little part down here. Oh yeah, you can just screw that off and then yep, battery can pop in there. Let’s take out this little piece of paper and get it vibrating, shall we? So get that in, press the button, oh nice, yeah, so it vibrates this whole lower part so they’re really strong right here and then, you still feel it up here for sure, it’s just not as strong, you can press it a few more times, you get some other vibration functions.And then hold it to turn it off I’m guessing. Yeah, there we go. And then I’m guessing you can pop this end out, yeah there you go. You can just pop this out entirely if you wanna clean it or something and then you also have this cute little vibrator all by itself, although it is a very hard plastic so I’d probably keep it in this. I think this would be really good for beginners through because it’s a little bit smaller than some of the other anal bead type things that I’ve seen, and so I think this would be a really good thing to get started with just because of the smaller size and the vibrating would be a nice little step up, and everyone has an anus regardless of your gender.I had this one in one of my other videos and I love it because it looks like a necktie but it’s actually like a BDSM thing. Hang on, let me get it out of the box for you. Okay, so it has this main part that velcros to the top. Let me get my hair back, and then you can bring it around and Velcro it there and then you have a nice tie, except it also has these little attachments along it so you can attach things to it, which then attach to your hand. I put that on too tight, don’t need to be choking myself in this video, but yeah so you have these little hand ones, they go around your wrist and then you can hook them on to these and then voila, bondage.Definitely recommend if you’re into bondage stuff because it’s very sturdy, it’s very customizable. You can move them around to whichever ring you want and it’s really comfortable and strong. I definitely think this could be a good bondage thing to get started off with, all right. Next we’ve got a fun shaped toy. We have Eve’s Deluxe Thruster. Let your fantasies run world. Experience the perfect combination of multiple sensations all in one luxurious toy. Start with an elegant powerful thrusting vibe. The toiling and thrusting shaft delivers persistent internal thrills. Add a long clitoral stimulator that hits all the right spots. Cool, let’s have a look. Love all these USB rechargeable things. Just so much easier than having to worry about batteries. Oh wow she is powerful. So it’s really like right in this where it turns it’s really hard so it keeps the shape really well. Its not like it bends al the way back, just this part bends. This part cen bend to go up against the clitoris while this part is inside the vagina and this part gets all twisty so let’s go ahead an turn it on and see how it moves exactly.So the power button is down here and then this one does vibrations and then this one I’m guessing is the twisty part, so we have it vibrating right now and then let’s press the top one, ooh. Oh yeah she really goes wild there. Just going at it. Does it have other modes? Ooh, oh my god, this is, she’s really, really swinging. I feel like I’m waving to a crowd with this, like I’m just on a float and I’m like yes, hello, hello good people, hello. It’s a queen wave with a dildo. Honestly that’s so cool and that’s something I’ve seen in a lot of other toys if that’s what you’re into, and the vibrations are also pretty strong up here, so all in all, I’m really liking this toy.Also it’s just a great royal blue color, I love it. Okay the next we have the Three Ring Gates of Hell. So this one is just three rings and it says the largest ring treats the perineum and the balanced two rings secure the penis, creates throbbing and swelling effects when worn so you got these little rings over your penis and then it’s like a BDSM for your dick. Nice easy small thing to get on, no problemo. So yeah there you go, if you have a penis this can work for you. And then okay, we’ve got a couple more, and that one looks really fun so I’m gonna save it for last. Next we have Eve’s Vibrating Strapless Strap-On. So it’s basically exactly what it says in the title. You can put this part in your vagina and then use this part as the strap-on and it’s got some ridges right up along here and then the power button is right on the side.Let’s get her turned on. Ooh, yeah, this one vibrates very powerfully. Look at her go. And yeah it vibrates both the ends. This one’s vibrating definitely less, the vibrations are mainly right down here in the tip, you can’t see my mouth at all, it’s just I have my hand in front of my mouth. I just think this is such a great idea ’cause the straps, like part of strap-ons, are always such a hassle so if you have the body parts to make this work, highly recommend. Does this kind of look like an alien? Does this look like the face of an alien or maybe like Squidward’s nose a little bit? All right and lastly we have a stroker which is good for people with penises and it has this bright green color scheme that I wanna show you ’cause honestly into it. It is much heavier than other strokers I’ve seen. So it comes in this big fancy container. Honestly it looks like there should be tennis balls in here or something. Well we screw off the top and then here’s the hole where you would put your penis in.There’s this thing on the side that you can push on to let, to put pressure on it, but when there’s nothing in there it just let’s air out. It is much bigger than other strokers, it’s just much wider around. Let’s see if we can open it up. Ooh, okay, yeah this is what it’s showing on the box, that it’s just, it’s got some stuff going on inside. So we’ll look at it 1/2 at a time. Here’s the upper 1/2 with all of this stuff going on around the shaft and also your head would be passing through here and then this little circle at the top for the head and then on the other side, similar thing but a different layout, we’ve got these little things along the shaft and then up the head you’ve got the little ones here with the things on the side.That is wild. It has a lot going on and I’m here for it. It’s so much more fun than a lot of other strokers. And I imagine would just have some really interesting sensations. Yeah, so it says stimulating texture wraps around you caressing you with waves of indescribable pleasure. The bottom orb creates 360 degrees of unbelievable sensation at the deepest point of insertion and pleasure balls roll with you to create waves of sensual stimuli from initial insertion to full penetration, and it says this whole middle green part is just totally removable so you can clean it without the shell around it. So if you push on that part while it’s disconnected, you can pop this out entirely and also when it’s together, you can use the ring that keeps it shut when it’s closed to pop it on there while you’re using it, so that it won’t come open, which honestly is a useful little thing that I haven’t seen on other strokers, so yeah, this one seems pretty great.I mean, it’s definitely, it’s a lot bigger, but I love all the stuff that’s going on inside and some people might honestly prefer that heft and weight to it, so if you have a penis and like penetration, this could totally be an option for you, and yeah that is everything I had for you today. So if you want, go forth and have sex or masturbate and experience pleasure. Anyways if you liked anything you saw here, remember that you can go to adamandeve.com and use the offer code RILEY to get 50% off of almost any one item and free shipping in the US and Canada. Again, some exclusions apply. Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. *upbeat music* .


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