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What is going on guys my name is absolutely Blake and welcome back to my channel today I have never been more excited to film a video for you and you’ve seen these type of videos before on my channel So let’s jump right into it. We are unboxing a Mystery box of sex toys and it is the biggest box I have ever received It is the heaviest box I’ve ever received So I’m kind of curious on what’s in here and what we can try out, you know always try and give one a test run so I can give you guys an honest opinion on what I think and if you guys Want to go get one yourself, you might get what I got Unlike my last video I did for Adam and Eve which was dedicated to the Adam male side Today’s video is dedicated to boys and girls it is their Adam and Eve’s side So it’s gonna work just like every other video that I have posted. I’m going to open this up Like I said, I have no idea.What’s inside this one if there’s something to try on I’ll try it on I will read a description on what it is how it works and Yeah, but before we open this box I want to let you know how to get your own sex toys real quick because some of you might be just as horny as me it is super simple guys head over to adamandeve.com use the discount code Blake for 50% off almost any single item and free shipping to the USA in Canada for orders over $20.That being said let’s check out What’s in this box? Oh don’t look Blake don’t buck Whoa, whoa, this one’s got some stuff number one, whoo Eve’s deluxe thruster look at that thing. Just take a gander I can already tell it’s gonna be soft AF let your fantasies run wild experience the perfect combination of multiple Sensations all in one luxurious toy start with an elegant powerful thrusting vibe what I think it goes this way I’ve never even heard of something like this the twirling and thrusting shaft delivers Persistent internal thrills two powerful motors working together nine speeds guys Most of their toys use USB charger so you can charge it anywhere with your iPhone block with your laptop on a bus Discreetly of course, but it’s super simple find this part obviously that’s where you charge when you find the hole usually on the back, which you can’t see and It’s a little sex move on its own.Okay, so it vibrates Up and down and a twirl Wow, very soft number two The sensual home ace two internally powerful motors prostate massager. Here we go guys This one’s for us and it’s rechargeable double motors for unique experience fifteen functions. We got the girls beat. Look at that Holy Shit again guys, this is very soft Just like the other one and it’s got a little discreet pouch unlike the other one Unleash your deepest desires erotic toys designed to meet your every need and it’s submersible waterproof guys. Damn This is a good box so far Number three. Okay. This is the heaviest one in here. What? What m2 excitement and multiplied soft erotic feel multiple stimulation points Pressure suction panel flip open design meet the next level of male pleasure the m2 Overwhelm your senses with multiple chambers and points of stimulation. The canister is discreet sleek stylish design that flips open Nobody even know what it is easy to lube and easy to clean Amazingly clean and comfortable just add loot to the inner pleasure services. This is the button to make it tighter This is what the inside looks guys.Definitely multiple sensation points It is very soft guys as everything they sell. If boom. Let’s see. What number four is all about a Warming dome is that pulsating male stimulator with warming function powerful oral sex stimulation of head and frenulum Six vibration modes three intensity levels warming function for a more realistic feeling non-slip finishing Rechargeable and waterproof shower friendly and includes a travel bag jam got any powered So you can change the speed of the vibration and apparently the heat fucking feels good on my fingers.Damn Okay, let’s do it. This novel case is all about there you go guys discrete take it on a camping trip Got your own solo tent anything you want. Let’s do this. Tiny one here Jesse 420 rechargeable personal massager. First of all guys I don’t smoke weed. I did. Try it once not my thing. It says 420 cuz is 100% medical grade silicone ten functions Does anybody remember what my tea beans were look like a fucking mighty bean? This is called a Jessie 420 by Maya ma I a pocket-sized vibrator Holy and it’s got little weed buds on there very smooth like literally I could put that I’m talking nobody even know I had that that’s something you keep in your car number six I was Just talking about this. This is so dope. This is clone a pussy plus sleeve kit so if you are in a long-distance relationship and you want a mass bader like the m2 with a Replica of your girlfriend’s vagina.This is what you’re gonna want to get. I know all about this You’ve seen me clone my willy on my channel. I know exactly how this works. This thing’s dope It comes with your silicone kits the molding powder The inner part of what you would somehow paste on your girl’s vagina to this. That’s insane. This is dope Last but not least pop I’m moving so I can’t actually use these yet. Let’s take a look at that I’m gonna blur out the parts can’t look at but that’s getting hung up in my next house. Oh my god What the fuck get into the swing of things Naughty couples door swing. Yep, that’ll do since I’m not gonna be able to hang this up in this house because I’m moving I’m not gonna actually pull it out and try and wrap it back up because I actually want to take this with me So if you’re in a relationship and you want to spice things up get this, I’ve only ever seen it in movies that is Everything that was in the box and you know the routine I’ll be right back and let you know what that’s all about.Peace hole leave Shit, I don’t even know what to say you guys remember in my last video They had something very similar to this and it didn’t heat up though. I’m giving this one a better rating than that. Whoo so if you want to take my recommendation That is the Zolo warming dome. If you’d like to check out what else they have to offer guys head over to adamandeve.com Make sure you use the discount code Blake for 50% off almost any single item and free shipping for orders over $20 in the USA in Canada. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a big thumbs up Leave me comments down below on what was your favorite and don’t forget to subscribe for new video every Thursday and Saturday .


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