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using a sex toy for the first time…


(breathing heavily) – Hello beautiful humans! My name is Brad Guy! Why am I screaming? My name is Brad Guy. Welcome back to the wackiness that is my channel. It just feels good! It just feels good to be back in front of the camera, screaming into nothing as I do once a week. Although I did take last week off ’cause Bo and I, boyfriend Bo and I were in Sydney for Mardi Gras! Our first ever Mardi Gras and hooly, bloody, dooly, that was a weekend and a half. We looked fucking sickening. Bo made these two looks that we both wore on the main day of the parade and it was just such a wild, overwhelming adventure, and it was a super sentimental, emotional, special weekend! And I feel inspired! And I feel full of love! And today’s video is all about self love.Ooh. Before this video gets son the way, let’s have a word from our sponsor (giggles) oh. Today’s Brad Guy video is brought to you by Fovel, an online Amazon store, specializing in adult toys. Ooh. Like the Dual Motor 12 Mode Wand Massager! Featuring double penetration capability, 12 vibration speeds and patterns, and a quiet noise level of 50 decibels, so you don’t wake up your mother sleeping in the next room. Search Fovel on Amazon now. Log on, then jerk off. Yeah! It’s always I feel for me on the Brad Guy channel . And it’s a celebration for all of us, as a small contain creator when I can secure a brand deal! Yes! A company has sent me a product to review on my channel.This is exciting because I don’t get sent products, I’m a small time Youtuber and I don’t get a lot of things to review, I not working with a lot of companies. So any chance I have to work for the company and talk about their product, I will do it! I will whole myself at so companies come to me. Brands deal pakaki. So I teamed up with a company called Fovel, and they deliver sex toys on Amazon. They have given me a sex toy. I love my channel.They’ve given me a sex toy to review, and I’ve got the postage right here. And there was a vibrator in this box. Okay. Fovel have sent of me the dual, I have the… Hmm. Okay, this is an honest review. And so far, the packaging is a little bit busted. And I can see fingerprints on it. If this is a used vibrator, eew. So it’s called the Dual Cavalier’s Double 12 X Motors, and it’s a purple vibrator. The lovely lady that I was liaising with online to setup this brands deal, let me choose the color, and I remember saying black. This is not black, this is purple. But luckily, I like purple too. My favorite color is rainbow. Besides the box being smashed, I am curious to see if this will actually smash my box. It’s water proof, it’s USB rechargeable, it’s made out of medical silicone. Okay, let’s open the Dual Cavalier’s Double 12 X Motors. Look, your title is a little bit wordy.(gasps) okay. There’s a lot of lies happening here. I’m sorry Fovel company. I’m so grateful that you wanna work with me, but I’m doing an honest review. Okay, I’m opening up this vibrator on the Brad Guy channel. Great content. The first thing that I’ve noticed… This is pink. This is a pink vibrator. This is not purple, or as originally requested, black. But really appreciate Fovel as a company wanted to work with small content creator just like myself, so thank you for the opportunity, but this is pink. This is the vibrator from Fovel company. It feels great. It feels really smooth, it doesn’t feel rubbery, it feels like it would slide in quite easily. It is slightly ribbed here. So there is that texture which feels nice. It’s a sensory experience, and the tip is a little bit bendy I assuming for easy insertion. I’m assuming? I know. I know. Little bit of a confession time. I haven’t ever really used a lot of sex toys in my life. I think I’ve maybe used a sex toy once or twice when I was about 22, and mum found it under my bed, when she’s cleaning my room.This is when I lived at home. And she had a whole bunch of things that were under the bed that she just put on my side desk. And one of them was this glow in the dark dildo. I’m gonna go get some batteries, and we’ll see how vibraty this vibrator vibrates. Okay. So there’s a light on, which means that the vibrator is ready to penetrate.So in the middle is the on-off button, and there’s a plus and minus sign, which I’m assuming adjusts the strength of the vibrations, but let’s see! Whoo! (vibration) Techno dance party! (techno music) Oh, I see! So the on-off button is adjusting whether or not, this part vibrates, or this part vibrates. And I didn’t know that this was an end you could put into your body. So I’m learning in real time that this is actually a double-ended vibrator. The plus sign seems to change the vibration setting. So this one is more of like a wave of vibrations. (vibration) Ooh, this is a constant stream of vibration. That’s making my fingers numb. There is so many different rhythms. Listen to this. (vibration) Ooh. Hello, Pleasure Town, Brad speaking. (gasps) This one builds up. (vibration) Okay. I’m really enjoying all the different functions and all the different kinds of vibrations.There’s some that have really slow, there’s some that have a lot of beats to them. That was weird. This feels amazing! This feels really cool, and I really… I want to stick it in my bum. I really, I really do! I really want to try this out. But, okay, it’s distracting me. So even though I can’t review this product for its intended purpose, I can review this product for some other purposes! Because a vibrator doesn’t just have to penetrate your box and get you off, it could do plenty of other things.So let’s have a Slick 80’s Montage Of Activities! (explosion) Oh, my voice. (upbeat music) Oh my God, I’m tired! I’m all worn out from using this vibrator all day. A massive thank you to Fovel company for sending this product for me to review. I love that I get sex toys on this channel. It’s exactly what I want on my Youtube channel to be. And if I have to review this product honestly, I would say, based on its ability to do some random activities, I will give it eight nipples out of ten! If you like to test out this vibrator for yourself, you can look up the Fovel company on Amazon. That’s where they have an online store. I would love for you to comment down below your favorite activity that I did with the vibrator.Or, if you’re a sex toy kind of sure, maybe comment a product that I could review next. I think it’s time for me to go. Thank you so much for watching. It means the absolute world to me that you could stop by and be entertained by me for a few minutes. And I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel, and join the Brad Guy family. Also, hit the notification bells you will notified every single time I’m mother friggin’ upload. But have an excellent day, and excellent life, peace and love to you. Muah! .


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