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Can Couples Agree on a Sex Toy? | Cut


– Oh my god. This goes in me, but this goes on me. – Yeah. – I don’t think we would, I don’t think we would use this. (quirky music) – Hi, what’s your name? – Hey, I’m Jessie. – Hi. – What’s your name? – Helena. – Sarah. – My name’s Chris. – How long have you guys been together? – We have been married for 11 years, been together for 12. – We’ve been together for a little over four months. – How is your guy’s sex life? – It’s good. – Pretty lazy, I ain’t gonna lie. – Yeah, but how often per week? – A couple times per week. – Four times a week. – Probably at least once a day. – Do you guys own any toys? – We do not. – Do you guys do sex toys? – No man, no, yeah we don’t. – No, he thinks that they are contrived. – I’m gonna bring out some toys, and you’re gonna tell me if you would like to introduce them to your sex life. – Okay, bring it on.- Whoa, this is heavy. – Very industrial. (buzzing) – Oh, alrighty. (laughing) We’re parents, and we’re tired a lot, so this would be fantastic when we’re feeling lazy. – I doubt that we would use this one. It’s aggressive. – Look at this, this is amazing. – No creativity with this. I would just like use it to push buttons that I can’t reach. – I’d use this on her. It’s not introducing this whole new dimension to our sex life, this is just a penetration simulator. – Yes for me using this on him. I’d try anything on him. But this, on me? Not gonna happen. – It’s a vibrator. – She might like this. – Do you think your partner masturbates? – I would say my fiance masturbates at least two, three times a week. – Not a lot. Twice a month? – Do you think he masturbates? – Yeah, he does. Like sometimes he has like a morning routine, he just likes to get it done. – She thinks she catches me all the time, oh you bring your laptop to the bathroom? Not always just porn man, I look at boring stuff and shit, lot of secrets we’re giving here today.- It’s a butt plug with a fidget spinner on the end. – Nice. It’s like a fan. – Who would that be for? – For her, I don’t really like things around my butt, I don’t know why, it’s just kinda something I haven’t gotten into. – I mean, I’ve tried putting my finger, but he’s like whoa, whoa, whoa. – I feel like Jessie’s been wanting to try butt plugs. He’s been throwing the word plug in random sentences lately, I think he’s given me a clue. – There’s no way you actually think that this is a gateway into butt play do you? This is like the final frontier of it. Because it means you’re so bored of whatever is happening with a regular butt dude, that she’d need the most primitive form of human distraction.- Oh my goodness, it’s a strap on. We have never talked about this before. – If we’ve been having a lot of sex in one day, and he’s tired, and I still wanna be pleased, I would have him put this on for me. – Ahh, no. – I like the feel of this. This feels so fashion to me, that I would just just wear this part. – I think that if she would be able to use this with a third party, I would love to participate, and however necessary. Not necessarily on the receiving end though. – Okay, so that goes over your head, both straps. – Wait, what? – Oh my god, this goes in me, but this goes on me. – Yeah. – Oh fuck. – She’ll say yes, because she likes it when I, I’m eating her out, but I’m also just like doing that. – How often do you go down on her? – Most of the time we have sex. – Who do you think is better? – I am. – Definitely him. I like to look up every once in a while, and say how am I doing? Just to check in, ’cause I’m not that good.- Wow, this is nice. Different speeds. Especially the nights when he’s working, or he’s traveling and I wanna please myself, this would be perfect. – She might have more fun with this one than with me. – I like this. – I don’t hate it, it’s a lot, it’s kinda intimidating. – Wow, it’s a lot. – If this has a success that’s better than his penis, I don’t think he would let it happen. I feel like he would be like, no, you don’t get to be that pleased, only stay with me.- Oh, the legendary penis pump. (laughing) – He would enjoy this a lot. – Why? – He loves hand jobs and blow jobs. – I would actually, yes. I don’t really have a good reason, curiosity. – Will your girlfriend say your penis is adequate enough? – Yeah, I think she says it would be adequate enough, she calls it her glass slipper, so. – Is it adequate? – It’s my glass slipper. – Oh, this is cute. I feel like I’d hand a baby this toy. – Ah, I don’t know what this is, what is it? – Anal beads. – This is anal beads? Dude, okay. – Have you done butt stuff with her? – Yeah, with this past trip we went to Vegas, in the heat of the moment, she got super into it, and that was a real turning point in our relationship I think. – I would go until something broke. Like until something was injured. ’cause I like to try new things. Feel like he’d go this far, and then he’d start complaining. – Hi. – What did you choose out of this.- I just can’t believe you had to hold all those things. – Yeah, I would. (laughing) – Do you guys think you agreed on everything? – I feel like we were probably pretty close. – Yeah, we gotta be close. – How much did you talk about how much I like butt stuff, huh? – A lot. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Looks like 50 50 with agreements and disagreements. – Wow. – Disagreement. – Really? – Why are you surprised? – Did you turn it on? – Yeah I did. – Okay, well, um. (laughing) That’s why. – So you said yes? – Yeah, it does the work for you. – Oh, so you’re being a lazy asshole. (laughing) – I can’t believe you said yes to this.- I said yes. – Look how heavy it is. – I think it’s the motion, we don’t use stuff that’s like motorized. – You guys disagreed on that. – That shit’s aggressive as fuck. Look at this, this is stabbing motion, without. – But the thing is, you don’t need to do all that, you could just like set it there, and let it make it happen. – Let it stab you? That’s pretty aggressive. – No, like on the clit. – Really? I said that you might be into that. – I was wondering if that would be something you would (laughing) I would put it on for you. – Okay. – I would, if you wanted to try. – We’ve never talked about that before. – I know. – Hmm. – Yeah. Might have to explore it.- Might be interested in that. – Alrighty then. – Oh my god, this one was so fun babe. – I hate you. I knew that you would like this. – Wanna know why I said yes? – ‘Cause you have ADHD. – Okay, no. – Agreement. – Yes, I was thinking when you’re traveling. – Okay, I thought you might start enjoying that a little bit more than me. (laughing) – So you guys get to take that home. You both agreed on that. – Oh this is my favorite. – I knew you would want this one. – I want to get this for the house, even if we don’t use it, I just wanna have it, be like just for fun. – It’s very ornamental. – Here’s one you agreed on. – Oh yes. – I’m really excited about that. – Coming home with this. – You guys, so that’s it, you’ve won that, that’s yours.- Bamn. – Do you think I should masturbate more? – You should. – Okay. – With this. – I think I should too. (laughing) – I recommend this thing. – But you would like it ’cause there’s levels babe. – I know. – We could start right here. – You do know me, yeah. – We could start right here. And then, I knew you were too much of a pussy to go all the way. But I said I would go if it caused pain. I want to rupture something before I say back out. – You wanna rupture something? – And we’re ring people. .


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