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Match the Sex Toy to the Owner | Lineup | Cut


– What is this? – That’s heavy. – It’s squishy. (screaming) – What the fuck is that? (“Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg) – Hi, I am Amalia. – I’m Shinara. – I’m Sid, we’re dating. – Awe. – Yeah. – It was rubbery, pink. It had a little attachment on that just wiggled around. – So I have a whole box. When I just figure out if the guy is good enough, I’m just like whoop, and then bring it out. – Oh that is fucking great. – Guess the sex toy! – I’ll match. (laughing) – Oh boy. – Ya, with gloves. Fuck you mean why? (group laughing) It’s been in someone’s ass and shit, man. The fuck you talking about? (orchestral music) – Oh shit.(laughing) – Whoa. – What? – Oh knew it! (group laughing) – Does it go in your ass? – Yeah. – I’ve had this one. (laughter) I have this one at home. – This person is very playful. – Well, that’s really hard to tell ’cause they all look like freaky-deakies over here. (laughter) – Are any of you veterinarians or anything like that? (laughter) – Green dress, yeah you. – What do you do for a living? – I’m a fetish model and dominatrix. (loud laughter) – Okay, yeah, I was feeling a vibe going on. – Oh, yeah? – You just seem really soft like the tail there. It’s delicate but it’s also I’m that bitch come get this. – Oh. – Oh. It’s a microphone. (laughter) – Let me plug it in. – Plug it in? – Yeah. Plugging it in. (vibrator buzzes) – Oh shit! Oh wait, wait. – This is a massager. I wouldn’t classify this as a typical sex toy.(laughter) – Would you use this? – I don’t– – Is it intimidating? – That is, it’s just like (imitates vibrator) I don’t uh-uh. – You. So what level do you put it on? – Probably like a low-medium. – Mmm, okay. (laughter) You only have this if it’s on high. – Maybe a guy? – Oh dang. – Their balls? I don’t know (laughing) It could be. – This one here is somebody who’s just exploring for the first time to see what the spiel is all about. – What the fuck? This is a fat dildo, I already can feel it. Holy shit.(screams) – What the fuck is that? From the Marvel Universe. (group laughing) – This person is a little bit selfish. (group exclaims) It’s about them and being pleasured. – Oh it’s sticky so you can put it on– – The floor. – You. (laughter) – You wanna whip out your toys? Pow that is what you’re gonna whip out. – So if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it. – Ya, you ain’t fucking around. – Cool, thanks. – So this would hit the G spot inside, but she also likes to vibe. – I would use something like this. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Why is this mine? – Just because it matches your lipstick.(laughter) – You thought it was hella cute. – It is pretty cute. – You seem elegant and sleek, and you have composure and classy. I just imagine rose petals behind you when you masturbate. – A bed of rose petals. – Yeah. – Got it. (orchestral music) – What the fuck? (laughter) This is a strap-on. – You wanna try it on over your pants? – Yeah. – Let’s see that. She’s always dreamed of this. – We ’bout to right now. – Look at that. – She’s having fun. (group cheering) – Do you get penetrated? – Yeah. – Okay, this might be yours. – Sure. – Don’t hurt yourself with that one now. – No, I won’t (laughing) – And just think if you can like they said you can, take it out of there and put something in there a little bigger if you want to. Maybe not as big as that one. (laughter) (orchestral music) – Ah yes, one of those little bullet thingies.Absolutely. – Somebody that doesn’t like to get penetrated. Well, it’s not that they don’t like, but they prefer maybe clit stimulation. – I think this would be yours. You look kind of shy-ish, that’s your secret. – It’s my secret? – Your secret little play thing. (laughter) – Whoa. (laughter) – That’s scary. Oh. – This definitely seems like something someone uses for a living. Sex is their, what they do. – I’m guessing that this is yours.- Yeah. (laughter) This looks like something you would do. – The chain here reminds me of gothic costumes, and your makeup is kind of giving me that. – We good? I’m pretty excited. (laughter) (groaning) – (laughing) Just two. – Holy shit. – Nobody. – Damn. – Absolutely nothing. – I kinda knew that– – What do we know about sex? (orchestral music) – Hi. – Hi. – You guessed wrong. – I sure did. (laughter) – So you all about them angles, huh? – Oh yeah, you gotta get that curve in there, or else it’s fucking over. – Uh-huh. – My clitoris is actually not that sensitive. So, like I have to– – Yeah, mine too. – When this gets to the spot bitch. – I know. – It’s crazy, yeah. – Oh my goodness. – Now do you throw this in the dishwasher? – Huh? – No I hand wash all my toys. – Handwash it? – Yeah. – I’ve heard of people washing them in the dishwasher. – Hopefully they don’t put dishes in there, that’s sick.- No, no, no. (laughter) – Hi. – You and your assistant. – This is actually Junior. Junior assistant. (laughing) When I was growing up, I thought, this was totally something that it was just for lesbians, right? But, there’s so many guys now-a-days that are totally open to exploring anal with themselves receiving. I think if anyone has ever thought about it they should try, because it’s an incredibly powerful feeling. – So you’re saying that’s some shit I should try? – Absolutely, absolutely. (laughter) – That’s a no from me dog. – Hi. – Oh my god, you need a leash. (laughter) Is this a for real toy? – I consider it to be a sex toy, ’cause I consider a sex toy to be anything that enhances your sexual experience.It really feels really good. It helps me get into a really positive head space. But also it really gives me a lot confidence. I’ve had acne ever since I was in fifth grade. But putting this on, I feel great. I look really attractive. – Fuck yeah. Hell yeah, I feel it. Absolutely, clap that shit up for real, hell yeah. – Yeah, this is the Hitachi. One of the first commercial vibrators that was ever sold. (vibrator buzzing) – Why is that yours versus all the dom things that you could have? – This is just what I use when I wake up and before I go to bed, so it has nothing to do with domination. – Twice in a day? – Or more. (gasps) – So the little joint. So that’s you. – Yep, that’s me. Why didn’t you think that this was mine? – I don’t know.I just thought that you would have something crazier. – Basic. – Yeah. It’s such a beginner, beginner one – It is. – Are you a beginner, beginner one? – Pretty much. It was only a year ago, that I actually started using toys. I use it to masturbate solo. But I also use it with a partner, because I can get so much more out of it. It just gets me to where I need to be. – That’s cool, I’m glad you finally got to the point where you were like, fuck what everybody think, I’m doing this shit for me. – Me too. – Fuck y’all. – Yeah. (group cheering) What he says. – Yeah. – I’m stunned. (laughter) – Wait, how come? – I am stunted.That is a big toy. – Vaginally, or do you do it anal as well? – Both. – Both? – Yes whenever, whatever suits my needs that day. – Do you use it with a partner? – No, but my boyfriend finds it fricken hilarious. He’s like we should use this as a door stop. – As a door stop? – Yeah, in our apartment. – So do you like have to– – Stretches, warm up. – Yeah, you can’t just put it in there straight away. – Lots of lube and lots of patience.- I’m so proud of you. – Thanks. – This is like so nice. – Thank you. (laughing) – Hi. Do I look like the kind of person that would use this? – Actually, yeah. – Yeah? – I could see you flouncing around with that. – I do, I crawl, I walk. – You need his collar then. – Yeah, I do. It’s not really a pet thing. – Oh, oh, oh. – It’s a pet thing like I’m my boyfriend’s pet, but he’s also like you said, he’s kind of my daddy. But it’s also because I can’t orgasm vaginally. Only clitorally and anally. Have you ever had anal sex? – Yeah. – You like it? – No. – No? (laughter) Would you try it? – I wouldn’t put that in my ass, no. – Would you put it in someone else? – I mean yeah, fuck it, if she likes that type of shit.You know, I’m a pleaser. Whatever it is that she likes, I like. (snapping) – Okay. – This was amazing. It’s great to learn about the things that I don’t know are going on in the world that people don’t like to talk about. So it’s nice to see this openness. – Listen, I’m shook. – She’s– (group laughing) – I’m seriously look for this one, ’cause I like that one. I haven’t bought a toy in awhile it’s time, and I like that one. – If you wanna fucking get a big ass dildo and bust in that mother fucker, go do that shit. As long as you ain’t hurting nobody or yourself you’re good. (clapping and cheering) (drum roll) (group exclaiming) – That’s like more then 45% off. (laughter) – The one I have at home is cordless. – Is it the actual Hitachi? It’s it the actual Hitachi one? (group talking) .


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