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[Lovehoney Staff] Patricia: Pole Dancing Sex Toy Quality Checker


After working that love honey for just over five years I’m a quality control coordinator I look after all products and short that they are safe to use and our artists pandas I’ve always been intrigued by the exotic dancers and I’ve always been drawn to the art of pole dance once I found out that there’s actually a studio in my area I basically signed up straight away and I’ve never looked back since as it’s a full-body workout my fitness level increased drastically within the first couple of weeks have noticed you know how much stronger I’m getting just after taking one class a week so when I increased it to five six it just became an obsession and they just couldn’t stop I personally mainly wear body stockings and body suits especially moonlight elixir and my top favorite is the red look and lace body however brass sets and other stockings are absolutely perfect all dancing yeah it really increases confidence and all the women and men empowering you you know in class supporting each other encouraging you to try new things and to be yourself bull dancing community is a non-judgmental empowering and encouraging circle of people it’s amazing how these you know girls and boys support each other through everything we are all over the world now so wherever you go any and every studio will welcome you with open arms


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