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This Company Will Customize a Sex Toy With Your Partner’s Face on It


This Company Will Customize a Sex Toy With Your Partner’s Face on It Sex toys can make both solo time and time with a partner super fun. Now, sex toy company Wobbling Willy is blurring the line between the two with an extremely personal product: The company offers silicone dildos that can be customized with a 3D-printed polymer clay head, made in the exact image of your partner (or yourself, or whoever), and all for the perfectly reasonable price of $99. As you might expect, the company isnt taking itself too seriously. The About page of its site reads, Wobbling Willy is a novelty product and a fully functional dildo with a twist, made of body-safe silicone. The only selfie you will ever need.Your dream boy. Sounds great for long-distance relationships—if, of course, you want to stare down at a miniature replica of your far-away partners face while you get off. Wobbling Willy claims satisfaction with its product is guaranteed (hopefully in more ways than one): During the sculpting process of your head you will be able to approve or give feedback, the site reads. We will make changes until you are satisfied. The toy apparently comes in a faux suede pouch with an instruction leaflet, and will be delivered to you in a discreet package. For some reason, though the 3D heads are highly customizable, the actual dildo part only comes in purple. However, there are a few issues. When you go to upload a photo, you also have to choose hair, eye, and skin color, and the skin colors are a bit.problematic.The options are as follows: Chinese Skin 1, Chinese Skin 2, General 1, General 2, Pink, General Tan, Light Tan, Black, Medium Black, and Light Black. WTF? Wobbling Willy also seems to only offer male-presenting options, which is super limiting. .


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