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Doxy Die Cast Wand | Sex Toy Review


When I got my hands on the Doxy Die Cast, for the first week and a half it was the only vibrator I used. And that streak could easily have gone on longer, if I didn’t need to test other things for review. Even now, it’s my only sex toy that is stored within reaching distance of my bed, because that’s how fucking good it is. This toy was given to me by Doxy for review, so thank you to Doxy for that! The Doxy Die Cast is the upgraded version of the original Doxy Massage Wand. Instead of plastic and PVC, the Die Cast has a super luxe aluminum and titanium body and a silicone head. It comes in a ton of different colors from a brushed silver, to a sparkly purple, red, black, or white, to a 24 karat gold plated version. I went for the black because it’s the gothy version and because the sparkles made me think of space.I don’t know if you can actually see those on camera, but they’re there. When it’s turned on the buttons also glow blue, which I think adds to the space age vibe. Included with the toy is also a really nice grey zipper case for storage and travel, and that’s what my wand lives in next to my bed. Now before I get too caught up in fawning over this thing, I need to mention that this review is going to come in two parts: 1. my personal experience with my Doxy Die Cast, and 2. some more frustrating experiences that some of my friends have had with their Doxies. Let’s start with the good stuff. There is a lot to love about this vibrator, and love it I do. I love that it’s obscenely powerful. I love that it has a wide range of vibration intensity settings. I love how rumbly the lower settings are, and how even at its highest it still doesn’t get as buzzy as many other wands. I even kind of love that it’s mains powered because, while I am typically a rechargeable kind of gal, it is nice to know that your vibrator is always going to have power when you need it.It also helps that the cord is nice and long, so it doesn’t feel restraining or like I’m chained to the wall outlet. I don’t personally own one of the original Doxy Wands or the (Hitachi) Magic Wand Original, so I can’t adequately compare the Die Cast to those. From fondling them all in shops, I can say that the Die Cast feels slightly weaker but also significantly rumblier than both of them, so take from that what you will. One thing to note is that this is a pretty heavy toy. This isn’t a problem for me, but if you’re someone who deals with fatigue or other disabilities where the weight could be a problem, that’s something to keep in mind.(Though there are ways to mount wand vibrators so that they don’t have to be held.) I love this toy for long, drawn out masturbation sessions, but if I’m being honest, 9/10 times I use it, it’s when I want a quick and easy orgasm through my pants in under two minutes. That is where it truly shines in my vibrator arsenal. The combination of its efficiency and the fact that I don’t really need to clean it if I’m just using it through my pants means that I literally pick this thing up to use once or twice a day at minimum. In the two months I’ve had it, it has become my most-reached-for vibrator by a long shot.I have literally no complaints about this sex toy, and that is why it kills me that so many other people have had issues with it. Before I got my Die Cast I had heard rumbles here and there on social media about people having problems with their Doxy heads starting to spin, but I didn’t think it was a common issue. But when I got my wand, it was at a conference where a whole bunch of other sex toy reviewers also got product for review. And in the couple of months since then, a significant percentage of those people have experienced the spinning head defect. To illustrate what I mean by spinning, my friend Indigo has kindly provided this video demonstration. INDIGO: So this is what happens when I turn on my normal Doxy that doesn’t malfunction. Alright. And this is what happens when I turn on the Doxy that does malfunction. It’s terrifying. – Rae (of the blog theNotice) put out a Twitter poll last month asking if people have had problems with their Doxy products.And of the 33 responders who owned Doxies, over half of them reported issues of some kind, the most common ones left as replies being spinning heads and sticking buttons. The following day, Doxy released a statement, stating that the majority of affected products were red and silver Die Casts within a specific serial number range and that the problem had been since been remedied in production. However, I’ve seen evidence of the spinning happening to Die Casts and original Doxy Wands of several different colors going back over a year now. Which points not to it being a batch-specific issue, but a significant quality control problem. And for vibrators that are in the $100-$200 range, that’s pretty shitty for consumers.Now I do want to make it clear that pretty much everyone agrees that Doxy has stellar customer service, and they’re always happy to replace defective wands. I genuinely really like them, both a company and as people. But this is just too widespread an issue for me not to address in my review. As far as the Doxy Die Cast itself and my personal experience with it goes, I’d easily give it a 10/10. And I do hope the production issues have actually been fixed so that as many people as possible have a chance at having the same great experience I’ve had with it. What are your thoughts? Let me know down in the comments! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time! .


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