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Sex Toy Tester Venus O’Hara Wants to Raise Your Orgasmic Awareness


Hello everyone good morning and welcome here to my sofa in the romantic Tetuan neighbourhood in Madrid Spain today I have a very special video for you with a very special woman I have Venus ohhara who is a beautiful talented ginger she’s a sex blogger she’s a fetish blogger she’s a sex toy tester and she’s the author of several books including one of my favorite English text books of all time “English for Perverts” which is available at least it’s available in it was available in Spanish under the title English para Pervertidos and it’s a bilingual guide to sexy vocabulary in English.It’s a great book hopefully she will be able to do a second or third edition or whatever and get copies back to the public and that will be great because it’s a classic in education so this is my first time recording an interview on skype you might notice that the image quality is not amazing that the sound quality is a little bit distorted but in the end you can hear everything you can understand basically everything and we talked about a lot of different things in this interview we talked about why Venus loves Spain we talked about some of her favorite Spanish expressions to talk about sex we talked about her experiences with hookup culture online dating tinder we talked about the life of a sex toy tester a little bit yes sex toy tester is a real job and Venus O’Hara does it. there’s maybe not more than you know five people in the world doing this job and she’s one of the top ones and we’ve been friends for a few years so i’m very happy to have Venus on my channel today nothing else I hope you enjoy this video and head to my website expatmadrid.com if you’re looking for a lot more about life in Madrid and Spain see you on the other side.So hello hello good afternoon good afternoon miss Venus O’Hara Daniel Welsch in the barrio romántico de Tetuán you’re up in Barcelona I guess right yeah Suns just come out alright and yeah how’s life in Barcelona today well great I was in my co-working this morning so I was with like-minded freelancers that’s good get you going see motivated sounds good alright actually use those opportunities to hustle and just like send emails to generate new business because I find that just meeting new people really really inspires me alone so why just getting out of the apartment and meeting these digital nomads location dependent people just really gets me inspired with my own journey and it’s a lot of good time to be in the headspace emailing so it’s like some drilling next door it’s like next door upstairs downstairs it’s all going on mine’s only in the street so it’s a little bit easier well I figured I could start by telling you how I know about you I don’t know if I ever told you this yes no yeah I was just in a in a bookshop here in Madrid a few years ago and across a copy of your book Inglés Para Pervertidos and I thought it was the greatest thing ever for two reasons one because we’re both gingers and gingers need to you know stick together and two because as a teacher I had always thought that you know grammar is just grammar the present perfect is always the present perfect but you can make it so much more interesting by making it about things people actually care about you know sex drugs and rock and roll so hey and that’s exactly what your book did.I learned a lot of vocabulary about stuff I didn’t know very much about. Me too when I was writing it research each topic you were like what is “dogging” the urban dictionary was a big help. Yeah I use urban dictionary quite a bit for what I do and my thing is not nearly as risqué as yours but yeah from there I think I tweeted to you a couple of times and I was happy that you got back to me and we’ve been talking for a few years now at least yeah i met you the year after in 2014 possibly yeah time flies well so thanks for being on here with me today I wanted to ask you a few questions if that’s okay just before I have to tell you I don’t have been using your books it’s like private classes oh yeah that’s okay that’s another thing you took yourself with with my books covering your breasts which was one of the greatest things ever yeah yeah use those books and then my students I bought them so that’s the thing about my book in your book is that it’s for those Spanish people learning English is it’s very hard to get books that bilingual you know a lot of English books of just in English you know explaining things in Spanish that’s frowned upon in the TEFL world well it was when I was doing it but I think you can just explain things a lot quicker sometimes and you know that they understand what you’re talking about if you can explain it to them a bit in Spanish otherwise it’s kind of hit-or-miss like what are they actually understanding I use humor as well oh yeah I try I do what I can so uh why Spain why Spain well my first foreign love was France and I studied French at university and I went to Paris for my year abroad I was living on my own in a little apartment next to plus the world Bastien it was all very nice but at the time I was not used to spending time alone so my weekends are quite hard and it’s leaving I was doing an internship so leaning office on Friday and not seeing any once on Monday and my social life I needed to in French classes for foreigners and that’s what really changed my life and I met all these I met lots of Latino people Colombians and Argentinian Spaniards and it was it that’s what really made me get I got Latin P where I guess and I wanted to learn Spanish and I learned cells I went to Colombia so you know I listened to lots of Ricky Ricky Martin every Caitlyn yes I came here hoping to find all of that no it’s quite funny because then I went to Madrid first of all and then I didn’t find it Madrid had that kind of I don’t know he just didn’t really have what I was looking for at the time and and I had a fantastic time there but I think that you know when you spend a long time anywhere you stop generalizing and you see that people are all kind of the same really you know yeah that wasn’t I was less impressed to be Enrique and be kind of I just saw their cousin everywhere really once you see enough Spanish people they I don’t know it stops being like super exotic I guess like anywhere so yeah no I mean I’m walking around sometimes and I see a reflection of myself and I’m like Jesus who’s that guy cuz I just you know look around all day you don’t see a lot of big ginger guys so I figure I just look like everybody else and when I you know actually being taller and with this enormous ridiculous beard just like wow okay yeah so what do you love about Spain it’s just easy and I lived in Paris and that was very hard first few months and obviously 20 as well as a part of time to spend time your own but I’ve never felt lonely in Spain I didn’t speak the language and I first came and I just think I guess the way people socialize maybe less so in Barcelona but um I just I love the daylight and I love the mild winters the Crossland renters are fantastic I just find that I it’s easier well now time there’s times gone by and I find it’s easier to live an unscripted life here especially in Barcelona because there’s a huge expat community and I’ve not followed the scripted life of mortgage house marriage kids and all of that and I find that being in Barcelona and makes me makes that more normal yes Rick yeah I hadn’t thought of it exactly that way but I would say the same thing I love that being here there’s not a lot of pressure on me to be like normal exactly I’m already not normal so nobody’s like Daniel when are you going to buy a house and a car and you know have babies and stuff so I just kind of escaped from a lot of that social pressure so you live in Barcelona do you like Barcelona more than Madrid is there for convenience or well yeah definitely and I first went to Madrid Picasa I wanted to learn Spanish and play sweat and spoke Spanish yeah so I keep that and then I really my heart was kind of in my cinnabar scent because of the cut important aspect of it just love see how well the foreign ambience here and my just isn’t there’s a lot more international I guess in the sea as well yeah that’s immunes so but it first time I was working I went to escape the teaching world when I first got here there’s a lot of international companies here so I was working in then different things I export sales and then not sure we luxury real estate so I’ve got you I was using my French and as well my French language and really enjoying it I love going to Madrid now and looking on the average in Madrid experience ever yeah I love it and so it’s nice to go back to my life in Madrid sometimes and even stay in the same room that I had it was really funny and they kept in contact with their my friends from the trip and also I’m just loved discovering other parts of Spain still what’s I haven’t discovered yet um I was in Cordoba Malaga last year and for the first time and may your coat I can’t leave I haven’t been there before because I literally up and down on the plane it’s fantastic like I’m trying to serve a drink it’s that close so I just can’t believe I haven’t been traveling all around Spain I think you’ve got everything in Spain really I would like to discover Canary Islands haven’t been there boys generally I just want to get somewhere more chilled out and the great thing is like now 2017 is that there’s lots of them digital nomads communities popping up everywhere so there’s lots of co-working spaces even in put them into a Gran Canaria it’s like you can find an international vibe but you can go on a yoga retreat or you can go on a co-working colocation no sounds cool well so I’m one of my most popular articles recently is about dating Spanish women and I made a bunch of ridiculous generalizations about dating Spanish women I wanted to know if you’ve had any experience dating Spanish men and what your what you’ve learned or noticed about Spanish men versus English men or whatever remember I’m dating English men so I’ve really been and really quite well integrated since I’ve been here so I’ve just been mating with Spanish guys the whole time but I’m not really on the typical dating scene and too scared to go on tinder or anything like that because I don’t like the idea of and my location being or just know people in a far away I am or recognizing me from my profile picture I do get recognized on the street now I get tweets I saw you on blah blah Street so it’s a bit you know much of the chance that people work out a minute you know find out about it so send us far too risky really and so I tend to just try and be as social as I can in my Inlet normal life and hope that would be the way to meet people just kind of it old-school really online dating when people like my fans from YouTube started seeing me online and you know it was just weird I don’t know so I I thought that was time to quit online dating and just be more sociable in real life he’s fought blind date saying offline dating just in the nineties yeah so but anything you’ve noticed about dating Spanish men or now I don’t think I can put it down to being Spain I think it’s a little over and this culture and that nowadays I have a meal that’s all gone to get that and it’s a coffee these days or human in some cases just you’re not not me personally but I think it coffee is a kind of general thing because then it’s less commitment if you don’t yeah listen pain you know because we’re gonna spend the whole time in the diminished six it’s just a commitment if you’ve not met before so it also is you can be virtually unfaithful or promise listen and no one cares something you can go in a sofa without shower and you can be chatting several people at the same time people don’t really care as much I guess yeah stay justices they passed the moment when you know you like someone’s profile picture or whatever and then you get to actually trying to meet up in person to seduce someone with your words which I do like that I’m literate in other ways I guess some Twitter or other people who have all have also got a media presence I’m more open to that yeah and that’s been easier for me because I don’t have to explain why do and then have this big shot and oh my god and then people get you know not exactly what you mean because I don’t do exactly what you do but uh but yeah having to be on like first dates with girls and explained to them that no I don’t have a job and I’m not looking for one and I just publish stuff on the internet it sometimes seems like yeah a little bit embarrassing if I if I don’t figure out how to explain it right it just doesn’t sound impressive and so I’m like yeah it depends how you explain it he’s young right spray and oppressive in the day of your own boss yeah yeah I remember one girl being like so other guys have these standard jobs what are you doing Oh actually prefer guy who doesn’t want to spend a job you could meet me on Tuesday and taken to lunch on a Tuesday in it no you’re not happy running back to the office because I don’t think I’m ready page as well there are ties no buses corporate slavery for me and the guys are gonna choice they’re not really the leaders I just think you know it’s it’s person one who has a messy car and doesn’t care and what kind thing well maybe start your career in modeling and I was working at printer in the export department printing here in Spain and then I thought it would be a good idea to target rhotic and fetish publishers in London and that’s how it all started really so I’m printing erotic books I got quite friendly with my clients and then and then send them some selfies when technology was was involving with digital phones and then and then that was a so it all began and I started a minute modeling one of my clients in London and I just loved it so much that I started doing collaborations here in Boston with photographers and had this big collection of photos and then in 2009 I decided to make a photo blog out of it and that’s how Venus ahora de Oracle Spore like I remember I started my blog because it was like summer and my income was down towards you know very close to zero and I was like gotta pay my rent somehow and you know feed myself through this long English teacher summer and I remember you telling some story about something similar up in Barcelona definitely something the summit but I’ve had lots of plans on that in Spain because for me August is a little hardest months nicely because especially if you’re your own boss even if you’re in a company it’s just you have to take your holiday that month and I’m gonna hate that so with me as I was looking in real estate and I was commissioned only and it was 2009 so everything was terrible and I am so anything for four months I had a rat invasion in my building just terrible because it was August and the heat and to close everything in each every time I heard this nice scratch and I just thought I was up to that point I’ve been afraid of the thought you know people see my ass online you know I really was but then I remember one day I saw 300 people as well my website weakened out you know but now rather like only you know so and so it’s a gradual process because at the end of the day I’m really putting myself out though it’s not just what I’m writing also my image out there my whole life so I really believe in what I’m doing them giving my sacrificing a lot of things for it so it was a really waiting hike also I was living a lot of extreme things family deaths no money no food poison rotten rat poison before food and then I sold two apartments and with that money I just thought no more real estate I just got the money and then sets up my blog it was Now or Never just follow my dream beautiful yeah let me see what my next question is oh yeah why specifically well when I had this big collection of photos it was a natural thing they were all fetish let’s say and line for their non explicit photos because I like the idea of I’m not just a model I’m my own art director so I want to see the picture I see is that what I want to do I’m not just standing there following instructions so and I feel like I’ve always been an artist as well so just right now I’m my own muse as well and I like the idea of me not doing anything but if you think my photo is for rocket to this cause of what’s in your mind not because of me I like that type of interaction for spectators in it so it can be like I say a blindfold picture in half so what you do is you don’t see anything but what could be in a rhotic image and also it’s just an also a rebellion against all these and women’s magazines with all this Photoshop and surgery everything’s fake now this fake hair fake eyebrows fake eyelashes fake tan fake tits fake ass and it’s just clothes that I think a lot of more more and more and I think at the ass is kind of becoming the center of attention a lot of ways and then um but it’s just a lot of fake fake stuff and there’s nothing this I I’m good I just watched a makeup tutorial online now and I just think how can that be empowering wearing that coming somewhere all this oh no I’m wearing makeup now but I try to keep it as a minimum like six products another tutorial about that but I want it’s just an show female female body or female whatever in there in erotic way what natural way no Photoshop yeah like one of the things that I have gotten from you is you really think that sex is empowering and orgasms are empowering for women why do you think that like what’s the reasoning behind that because it was for me and I think women are orgasm placed here in the sense that we have pretty badly sound soul but we have more capacity orgasmic capacity than men I agree no no doubt about that a woman who’s in control who’s connected to her body out the mind-body connection to mind clitoris connection and I think that type of woman can really have more orgasms than a man and so and I think it’s a huge pity that anorgasmia which is affecting so many women women who can have orgasms yeah it might not be as obvious for us to reach orgasm like most males can do it by the time they’re fifteen you know but I don’t think hey not have not know so so that’s my mission in life I want to tell people that I have a Ferrari Tina legs and they need to know how to start this I don’t know so that’s C I love that in so many ways raising orgasmic awareness is my mission and also the orgasm for me it’s not just about sexual pleasure I mean how is it my parents house with someone it was really hard to sleep it’s been six years I’ve been back so I had to I’ve got my vibrator out the quietest one of course and that was just literally an insomnia cure because it is like muscle relaxant and so and also just a period pain it’s an like an orgasm it’s like two hours of pain relief so it’s like Harper paracetamol and an even coming with writer’s block I just slide down and take my phone with me and just use a vibration the nervous kind of like send myself an email and I’ll get yeah yeah everything’s clear again and I’m horizontal so I get back to my desk and it’s all good I could carry on now so I use orgasm therapy’s I guess I’m using myself well my life is my message I guess definitely so it’s not just sexual also in it but when you’re talking about sex it’s also great as well because it can if you can bring ourselves or Gus and then you can have a better sex like you’re gonna be able to communicate what you like more your partners and be more fulfilling experience both of you I think so tell me a little bit more about the mind clitoris connection and how I can give women it sounds really good doesn’t it bigger and better orgasms so yeah because let me have the fantasize would be my own technique so that’s just a really key to having orgasm is just thinking about what turns you on emptying your mind from day to day worries that’s why it’s a great thing for insomnia because it just distracts mind yeah you’re thinking about discovered your blog with like the long list of fetishes I was thinking I’m pretty sure I have zero of these fetishes because you know there’s things I like and things that I have never considered and things that I don’t like but you know I don’t I don’t possibly have like a really well developed you know list of fantasies that I’m you know a bucket list of things that I needed to do me it was a as a model it was all the kind of images I wanted to take I really get into the neck or nape that’s it which is really popular fetish in Japan yeah because that’s a really cool challenge to make something that’s not explicit like take a co2 it will make someone want to bite it yeah but I like that’s the kind of imagery I like to when I see normal imagery and all this kind of really slutty corny stuff I just I don’t really relate to it it’s all yeah it’s not and so I wanted Emma I’m not trying to tease my spectators purely an expression my own expression you know this is a kind of off topic but have you noticed like differences in what people’s fetishes are according to the country he said neck fetishes in Japan but well I’ll write about that but I don’t know that firsthand I don’t know really but I would say that it is probably most popular one that would be good label I’ve seen all of your photos of feet in different positions I think it’s different something I hadn’t really considered it really amazing experience me because it all started up as a I had all these fetishes on my blog and I had a couple of my feet who didn’t like my feet as they are wide and you gave it pink you don’t even like putting them and one day I was walking down the street and looking other people’s speed it sounds like I got my speed that knee and so when I started sharing pictures of my feet and getting massive really good feedback I realized that fascism is about what someone named it’s about how you interact your spectator and play with and provoke them almost it’s like I know your kink for example there’s a pose with will to make yourselves wrinkled that’s something that the fetishes would appreciate but not a normal person because if you look at meat what products awesome something an advertisement it would be all a perfect foot but if you go to a foot fetish forum you’ll see all types of feet so I find that really liberating and I find that mmm this is complete opposite from all these magazines that try and be perfect with Photoshop and and surgery and fetishist is appreciating what’s already there yeah truly and I find that really liberating as a model as a woman in terms of my concepts of beauty I just I really appreciate natural beauty and appreciating things that are not conventionally beautiful yeah you are law sex teacher yeah that’s sexting chair and I was gonna say that I really love how you use Spanglish in these videos because you start you’re like hello students I’m doing Asahara e and la clase there this week and you do you know you do so much you might see very much what’s up in my opinion yeah so yeah I’m not good idea yeah good idea yeah so how did you choose that like persona for the sex teacher well I don’t know an interview el mundo and someone in a dress told me well I already had the offer to do blog and write its point and they said you gotta do more videos and I was sitting at home with all my hair like this and I’m a bit shy you know turn the computer on record myself as I am quite shy person even that one has seen it and but especially on the camp on video yeah and I thought well if I actually wear glasses and wear a vintage hairdo and in a blouse and I don’t feel like it won’t be so hard to do it I was like playing her understand that like playing a persona in that sense that it helps you the distance yourself from all of that ya know helped me overcome the camera shyness one I’ve been gradually at first it’s all scripted and now it’s just free freestyle so I’m really I’m really involved a lot and I’m gonna learn a lot from it so I’ve been student well yeah I don’t really know what happened with me but I’m pretty sure my first 150 videos were terrible and then sometime around 150 to 200 they just got better somehow and now I think I do pretty well how many videos you go actually published on YouTube almost 400 now oh wow but I look back at the old ones and it’s just embarrassing how bad and a lot of it’s just like my personal expressiveness like my gestures or whatever that I was doing how nervous I probably wasn’t front of the camera and now it’s just like whatever got 10 minutes I’m gonna record something and publish it and I feel a lot more confident just to start out yeah yeah cool meanwhile scripted so my than that oh yeah Oh a while ago you do a lot more takes than I do mine’s just usually like I just go for it yeah because in my lot of the product videos I have to include a lot of technical stuff since no way I can remember all technical stuff okay yeah yeah making silicon Oh blah blah blah ten note change speeds okay so it’s not like you’re not like reading the spec sheet or anything but the basic stuff yeah Oh scripts you’re kind of just a bullet points a triangle operating points well you have to book titles actually that I really like you have one that’s like imma make como si maryadas they say I make almost in you just say oh man come we’ll see maybe I was like is there an English version of this yeah it’s in English look me like you hate love me like you hate me I think it sounds a little bit better in Spanish yeah uh yeah I love me like you hate me it’s pretty good too and the other one is la mascota the vein of the mask of Venus so can you tell me a little bit about those titles and what those books mean to you well first one and this damn encompassing us is a BDSM guide so it’s like an introduction to BDSM core it’s really it’s really light and and accessible so it’s nothing like 50 shades of grey it’s my Maya first approaches sounds good inspired by the FCN : more East in the locker so I like example and humorous role plays that kind of thing you know like being told off by their usual extent yeah yeah being very naughty getting punished so I think I’m really it sounds like huge humoristic fun potential that people don’t exploit it’s not all about dark and strange activity it can be abundant with no pain at all you know I have never read Fifty Shades of Grey except for the first couple of pages but I imagine it being kind of like dark painful humiliating stuff yeah me personally when I read a sex scene and I’m always bored by it the actual description of the what’s going on and he can speed ESM I just find it oh my god it’s just no wait so long no that’s all well that’s my my meta-chem was to the point where of the rat infestation well maybe not all hopefully we’ll get another book at some point I did on purpose is to stop at that point because I choose an actual time to stop so that’s why it’s called the mask of Venus as well as I think people think of masks and something to hide yourself but for me the point of it is that when I wear my mask of Venus I’m more me than ever before because it would give you the power to really express your desires if you’re taking your your image away almost yeah exactly yeah like even I was talking about the sexy to just now like I’m marrying the masculine so that that mass allows me to express more than just being me and I think also in there in a role play we done quite a shy person I consider myself to be a good person but I can be a real bitch if we do a role play and I can be really liberating you know so you can explore different parts of you that don’t come out normally yeah assume that’s the point of all of this for most people the two edits they get to be the person that they like don’t want to be at the office or whatever yeah person after a couple of hours and and go back to the office happier in the next day or whatever sounds good so let’s see so what’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done as a fetish model or sex toy tester masturbating in University of Barcelona was intense that was my next question and you talked about masturbating for science the day that I masturbated for science so what what do you learn and what were the scientists hoping to learn from this it’s all pret TV pilot so I guess they wanted some juicy content and and I wanted to explore that as well because I think there’s an insect’s blogging world or a never any blogging world is just a lot of repetition a lot of copy and paste and paraphrasing of the same content it’s just great because the message gets diluted or just like this is the message message gets stronger but it reaches more people but I just want to do stuff that are in first person that this unique I’m trying to be originally but he doesn’t really exist so so no analysis masturbate the science yes why was a unique opportunity in them to tell that roads up to you and watching your brain then electrodes on my chest I had a mask on an oxygen mask I have this thing on my finger then behind this curtain so that it wasn’t scientists looking at these screens and beeps allowed to really track the data on the screens they weren’t actually watching you masturbate now I had one of them by my sides as almost like a fern people outside the door making sure I was gonna come in so yeah it was it was a test of my own concentration and how good all my fantasies though so 25 minutes it would take a long time but I’d reached it and the pressure I mean that is a serious amount of oppression eleven people you know normally in a normal situation of sexy like one person it’s just like you know she comes great he doesn’t this people so and also a making of sex toys I’ve had to test prototypes and give feedback to end engineer is to make improvements so had certain them orgasms that haven’t been about pleasure at all has been about investigation orgasms where you’re investigating like what your sex toy does because you actually have a a sex toy with your name on it I guess yeah I have the copy of interview right up here where you announce this whole thing can you tell us a little bit about your sex toy well there’s nothing like it there’s nothing with that shape so it’s something like the mice clitoris and the entrance of China at the same time so there’s nothing that does that until now and I’ve found that that combination where it’s just by using two toys so at first I was like using two toys with blu-tack and measuring the distance between the two sending pictures of this concoction of toys and blu-tack and to the engineers and net-like made a prototype then to try prototype with no vibration imagine stuff and then measure it measure lots of things Venus Venus yes Oh Venus yeah just a literal or oho Oh concern that the Big O is an old dos anos well yeah and working people buy it and on my website but also in a lot of countries now yeah why don’t you tell us what your website is Venus a horrid org yes ohhara org all right well make sure that’s on the screen here so that people can can check out Venus ohhara org and maybe buy a sex toy for themselves or their significant other or friend or whatever sounds good do you have any favorite sexy expressions or words in Spanish more well more buzz word I mean that is no profit translation for in English so I wrote an article about is called el trustee and a la cama all about my experience with them nation’s bed and I was like potential for LPS and remember one of my first time to the Spanish person they were sinking Waterworld I was like what’s that mean no and it’s like how’s it sound good the first the first few times I heard that I was thinking it was related to morbid and more of it to me sounds like death well babysit seriously yeah yeah yeah it doesn’t sound sexy at all so I found a good definition for it there was basically and being attracted to something that you know that’s bad for you some kind of like it’s an Alex you can’t it’s like I’m an attraction you can’t explain anything else that’s like a favorite word but I just I’m just a big fan of the language in general it really sends me on that I like it great I still say I still say oh my god Oh speak English a fine I just want to get that exotic church you know and in the specific way that you say it which is great yeah like I’d like to remind people that I’m an English girl in Spanish but great I’m sure that goes over very well with your subject out there so do you have any other new projects besides the sex toys that you’d like to talk about and put my fingers in lots of parts right now so that sounds kind of sexy – yes I’m hoping I’m kind of personally who prefers to wait until things are really like how does the Seneca shop until announce them officially so so yeah I’m just trying to work on a list for things right now but I’ve introduced your work and your social media accounts to a lot of my female friends they all think you’re amazing they’d rather always just like amazed by your willingness to actually talk about these topics your willingness to like take pictures with two bananas in your mouth at the same time for example I think that picture is the best thing I’ve ever seen probably oh my mission actually the next step now is really incorporating my lifestyle in my work so it’s about veganism the no filter no alarm lie so I just want to be the whole package basically I want to share the whole package of me with the world and being location independent and not following the script of life and this is something I’m gonna start talking about more in the future in the near future not a mother I’m not thinking about being a mother I’m not why I don’t mortgage I don’t a big debt that’s great cuz I never talked about most of these things but I think I definitely think it’s helpful yeah like because on the face I’m like boring grammar guy and there’s so much more going on be the scenes it could be much more interesting than boring grammar guy but I just feel like I’ve got these you know tens of thousands of people expecting grammar and I don’t want to talk to them necessarily about fitness because they might just be like what’s grandma guy doing talking about fitness but but yeah maybe you’re right if that works out for you that would be awesome and it would definitely inspire me and probably other bloggers out there to just like take the leap into more lifestyle type stuff yeah it’s a really big influence that on sexuality itself it’s completely against stealing for which is you know unsafe sex and my ink but it’s all about pleasing the man and whatever and I just like and in imagery that you it’s the cat you can’t you just not suitable work whatever I think mine mine it’s not so shocking my website or there’s nothing and it’s quite humorous as well tongue-in-cheek and and I want to protect sexuality as part of lifestyle and healthy lifestyle because it is I mean sex is lie ya know you’ve talked about veganism a lot to like three-quarters of the times that I open up Twitter it’s like a picture of you with a pineapple over your well that’s a reason because I think beacons are so annoying and and I think it’s a huge mistake you think that – well I think it’s a big mistake because I understand all the the anger all the frustration because I that’s how I feel as well but I think it’s more intelligent to to use humor well and to encourage people to eat more fruit and veg cannot be a bad thing and I think I’m maybe the first they would be flexitarian ISM and getting people to reduce their me consumption will be the first hurdle and then when you see how good you feel and there’s maybe easiness that that weekend or something like that that’s what I would encourage people to do but just try nice and you gotta be a hundred percent not easy for everyone it’s not easy when travel is just yes no it’s vegan friendly as well but I’m trying to guilt people in accepting your point of view is generally not a great strategy yeah and also put myself a feminist but you won’t see me putting angry feminist tweets on Twitter or anywhere and very vague and stuff I just want to do everything I do it in a pleasant way even though I do have the same concerns as everyone else on saying straight whatever so because I consider myself a feminist – I just find a lot of feminists to be rather unpleasant about the whole thing in a way that you know makes me just kind of naturally want to agree with them less so can you vote yes in the end yeah yeah it’s just like you could I can only hear like about how I’m the enemy a certain number of times before I feel like well maybe I am the enemy and maybe I should be hostile to these ideas I you know I try not to but it just seems like the the more aggressive and the more unpleasant that people get with any ideology the more it’s going to create the opposite reaction in other people so I think yeah it is important to try to be pleasant to the extent that you can with your with your ideas because it’s just so so so much easier to attract people to your side if you’re being Pleasant Jana can you give me an example of pleasant feminism just be raising awareness and generally it wasn’t oh yeah you were telling me something about your morning routine which involves orgasm awareness and mindfulness mindfulness and masturbation mindfulness and masturbation yeah that’s great you do this every morning yeah know what most mornings here and so it’s fantastic I’ve got me sometimes attend the order the order doesn’t change how relaxed I go which is quite interesting I just find this a really nice way to wake up and you’re tidying up a little bruising about 15 minutes abdominal mindfulness practice yeah just kind of a standard like connected breathing type thing yeah just just fall seconds in hold and four seconds out I just something like that very but I’ve got down to three breaths per minute so that’s very very calm when I first started this I was having five or six breaths per minute it’s like I’ve made a lot of progress and I’ve just learned from this progress that I’m in control of my emotions that’s how powerful breathing is oh yeah so I’ll do that for nothing’s really powerful about it it’s only only having three or four breaths per minute then we need you just think I’ve done enough now I’ve done 15 minutes so she’s gone yes breaths a minute is what five seconds in five seconds hold five seconds out for I wasn’t accounting it to be that but I was just like doing what felt natural you know make it as slow as I could great yeah like I hardly ever talk about Buddhism but I’ve been a Buddhist forever and you know Buddhism is great but probably just going straight to the breathing and skipping over the the Dharma is more effective for most people because most people just don’t want to hear about you know something that probably didn’t happen 2500 years ago in India but if you could have teach them the breathing exercises they can really you know get them into the present moment more than you know reading sutras or something so yeah orgasm you can chant that’s your thing orgasmic awareness well I’d like to thank you very much for being on my youtube channel or you know me for being on your YouTube channel possibly and is there anywhere else that people can find you online on social media in the real world and being so hard on YouTube Instagram Twitter great you have a favorite social network where it’s best for people to hear the volume first complete sharing experience so I put my good mornings there every every morning no filter are you get the picture it’s of roots and side is everything I do I share on Twitter okay well great so that is the thing I do I’m quite sure I don’t even know what’s what to put there this is what I’ve just written right so that’s at Venus O’Hara on different social networks all the social networks I assume all of the relevant social networks thank you very much for taking the time to interview with me and I wish you the best of luck with all of your future mysterious projects and things like that best of luck with your with your sex toy and yeah with everything great awareness raised orgasmic awareness any famous last words now that’s a keep coming coming okay everybody keep coming sounds great well thank you very much and we’ll talk soon you


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