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No FREQUENCY sex toy? Heating fuction? – Reviewing two toys from SexBon + Give Away | TOY REVIEW


Hello everybody my name is Simona Miller and this is my youtube channel today I’m gonna do the review of two sex toys from the brand sex Vaughn and also at the end of the video there will be a giveaway so you can win one of five euros the first Tiger I’m gonna show you is the sex one vibration brand I like it because it has two unique features that I will show you in just a second first of all let’s open the books instructions always also this very cute part come back with well that thing the charger and the toy and as you can see for the very first time in this channel the charger is quite different than usual I have chosen this toy because as you can see it has some magnetic charger which is a pretty unique feature in a in a vibrator and the other reason why I have chosen this toy is because it has an infrared heating function which means that it’s gonna get hot first of all let’s review the text view which obviously is medical grade silicon I think I think I need to do a video a video route copulation business award in English and be their compilation that’s it I’ve been a compilation of all the times I say medical grade silicon in this channel whatever so the texture material is very good is thick for the body also I like the shade because as you can see it’s very bendable it’s very soft I like that this head is so like soft because it’s easier to masturbate in this area I’m not sure if I am gonna like you because this is the part that can work as a dildo to put a side of your pussy another thing I have really liked about sex 1 is that the package my little dog has arrived to the house it’s super private very discreet so no one will know that you’re asking for a dildo on the Internet very good next in there I like it’s waterproof I feel lately all sex toys are waterproof which is amazing like five years ago there were almost no waterproof toys and now all of them are waterproof thank you thank you they have for about people girls who squid and can expel from their body is this crazy amounts of liquid so thank you for waterproof sex toys we like it as you can see it has four buttons I’m gonna turn it on by holding their power buttons for six seconds that’s what they say in the books and now let’s try very good the vibration on top it’s pretty intense but it also has frequencies now let’s see the vibration in the bottom it’s a supreme tense but unfortunately it also has some frequencies also it’s interesting to know that when the top is vibrate in the bottom doesn’t vibrate and the other side so they cannot vibrate at the same time which makes sense because you know if you’re masturbating with this array or I’m gonna be like touching these I will be allow you to have your hand like vibrating well your pulse is vibrating and now let’s try their heating function which is as you can see this red light on the bottom oh wow it’s getting warm okay I feel it I’ve read in their website dad it gets up to 39 Celsius degrees which is very nice and feeling hot in your pussy while you’re masturbating is something very good so that’s definitely a pro and last thing the prize is pro tip is twenty-something dollars when I broke them to do the giveaway they told me that they are changing the prices so I am NOT gonna say an exact price but it’s between the twenty-something dollars and that’s a very nice price for this toy I like it now the cons of this toy number one I don’t like so many frequencies as you already know if you follow your salad this YouTube channel either like vibrators that have a bunch of frequencies so seven different frequencies is too much for me by the way this is getting pretty warm I like it I’m gonna deactivate it very nice and the other thing there I don’t like about this toy and as you can see I am gonna be very serious talking about this is that they have used Comic Sans Comic Sans in their design this is fucking Comic Sans is 2017 how do we learn anything about this sign yet you don’t use Comic Sans you don’t use papyrus no you just don’t they should be removed from computers they should be forbidden abolished as type orifice Comic Sans is not it’s not something you can use in the design of a box and now the second toy you have chosen for the review of today it’s also a vibrator and it’s kind of like a classic when you see it you will understand why okay instructions very good very cute bag is pink I like that also the tiger which in this case is the normal charger that all sex toys use and now they buy breaker or boom I say this is a classic because it’s a classic that there are so many brands you see in this same shape for creating their vibrators I like the color by the way it’s very shiny the shape is very good it’s not very thin it’s not very big also its medical grade silicon and it’s very bendable which is very useful in this kind of toys because you know you want to put these instead of your pussy and this touching your kids so you want it to be like you know kind of like smooth bendable flexible to do three buttons on a knob put on blue sign minnow sign let’s turn it on wow this one is pretty okay I am so happy oh my gosh you didn’t know frequencies are you giving me ah we have found it it’s a toy with no frequencies and the vibration I’m gonna cry this takes so wonderful I’m so happy this is gonna be like my Harry Potter right now the vibration is pretty strong of course if I braids here in the tip for the clip and also I’m here for the V point and it’s very strong like waves stronger that I was thinking it’s not noisy at all which I definitely like and it’s also cheap like the other one these costs 20 something dollars so that’s a very good price especially because it doesn’t have frequencies that make me so happy it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so if your toy breaks or if you suddenly decide that no it’s not your thing they will give your money back you know what it has frequencies I just realized that it actually has frequently but they’re a bit complicated to find so you don’t have to find them if you don’t want to I thought it didn’t have frequencies so whatever you push there on an off button the frequencies change and it has ten different frequencies but I am just gonna forget about it because if you only push this loose or the minus sign you are never gonna find out it has frequencies so it’s not even gonna be a con when planning these choose texture reviews I contacted the brand sex 1 and they offer me to do a giveaway with 5 of their products between my subscribers so if you want to be in one of these dildos slash vibrators this is what you have to do to participate step number one subscribe to my channel step number two follows sex bone in their Facebook page I’m gonna live in the description all these steps also with the links so you can directly click on them step number three follow me on my Facebook page by the way I just got verified and I am very happy about it step number four share this video on your Instagram Twitter or Facebook accounts and that’s three friends who you think will like it step number five come back to this video and copy and paste the link of the post you have shared in the comment area the step number six wait free the winners will be announced sell in two weeks on my Instagram and my Twitter account if you are one of the winners I will contact you personally to ask you for your address and other things so you can receive your sex toy in your home in the description of the video I’m also gonna leave a 20% discount that you can apply on your purchase in the sex bond Amazon website I’m also gonna leave there the links to the two products I have reviewed today like all these good things so you can just click and buy them I really hope you liked it please follow me on my social media also subscribe to my channel follow also sex-bomb on the social media because they are a very good brand and participate in the giveaway it will be very useful if you tell me in the comments what kind of sex toys would you like me to review in the next videos that I am gonna prepare I love you all


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