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What My Snack, I’m hungry (Laughs) It’s a sweet potato. It’s a long sweet potato. It’s a hot potato (Laughs) OW! OW! (Opening Plays) *Watts The Safeword* Hello! And welcome back to Watts The Safeword. I’m Amp I’m Mr Kristofer And today… You got me a gift! I’m so excitd! YAAAAYY! Don’t shake it, it might be living! Today we’re gonna do something a little bit different. Sorry…Are you apologizing to the Box? Well if it’s alive yeaaahhhh It could be a little puppy! HELP… No today we have a package! That’s where you go “OHHHHH” OOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU! Not like a ghost… This is from Kink Crate. And I want to say real quick. This is not sponsored they’re not paying me to do this but they did offer to send us a crate that we could open it up and I figured why not share with you guys.So we haven’t opened this yet we have no idea what’s inside. It might actually be alive… So Kink crate is a subscription box service similar like Loot ratings and so on that sends you five to nine toys, gadgets some sort of sex related object a month. They have couples crates, they have singles options, they have gay, straight. Is this the daddy box? As far as you know… Before we open though I do have a riddle for you Daddy. What do you get when you mix a subscription box service and Justin Timberlake.(Pause) Dick in the box! Ok that was good. I’ll give you that one YES! Okay daddy go ahead open it go for it! Oh my god oh and 20 minutes of the videos is just him unboxing the box… I love new boxes. What does that mean? In unison: OHHHHHHHH oh it’s pretty. important your box show the camera woo. Kinda looks like Lolla from Kinky boots. okay so we’re gonna pull out the so they have a handbook and a handbook everyone called red-light district King crate handbook okay oh my god an evil box I will be before you can see it has definition it has like role play scenarios so to launch their males cup crate they have created this is no one started hold even a little work search to back haha yeah okay see that while I thought okay okay first object that’s pulling out that it looks like anal fantasy finger in the a skit okay so it’s Emily Emily is like a it’s a loo that kind of nuts the ass a little bit it numbs a whole just a bit and you put it in and so it’s easier for people who aren’t accustomed to bottoming what does the students at tops did probably adds a little bit of numbing sensation I don’t know let’s try it no no no let’s put that one on old and it comes with a little like finger condoms you can put bigger up they they don’t want it on your finger good your funeral hall sure connects to the mock we have electrology that I like that why don’t I see oh this is the whistle bowl kind to I don’t have these oh well the leather is a little shine just for my taste but um enter the capital knows you care okay Oh this’ll work if a little car alright alright everybody so going forward the next gag um the ball the little firm for my office a little well it’s a good size for starters that I will choose one it is literally a light it looks like a rifle no it is it’s literally at the key watt light bulb oh because they want you to be able to set the mood oh god but what if I wasn’t there absolutely what do they take the back door is it no okay a little confusing machine crate that’s my fault yeah that’s like a consequence it’s in red it’s cool I like that they’re like setting the mood but if you spec not a grass it’d definitely be an enlightening situation if you were buying a text rate though is a light bulb something you would necessarily be expecting it wouldn’t be what I was expecting but if I was traveling and have a hideous hotel lighting and I appreciate it it’s true I mean it’s a good thought just don’t stick it up your ass yeah yeah I see a whip but it looks really how’s that with sitting in that box and it looks a little tiny it looks very small daddy no I mean it actually might be a good cock and ball rib okay yeah a little bit it sounds okay lot chopping so it’s real pleather um again it has that weird extrude like handle here it makes a nice sensation but it’s definitely not a full fully fledged long for the back ya know you’re not going to be hitting any larger areas of that that’s candy I wonder if actually as it can’t motor probably read book writers if it’s can huge points of the tenure house went to service okay they look like red-hot candy well that would be like fresh missing games or something sure that’s a good idea I like okay Keith don’t well I feel like you’re cute it wasn’t sex related mmm no oh no oh geez going all excited pretty kind of look like really look like oh okay okay that’s it it’s a glass pot love with these very firm base layers out nicely it’s cute it’s got a nice weight no scratches are heaven Oh Kiki I like it it’s not going to break then finally we’re even going yeah there’s one more thing destroy them if you just gotta pull it out girl controller it’s already know it I have that work so to recap you have a handbook which is actually pretty well together that’s actually pretty impressive she had the anal ease maybe for some bottoms but because there are kinky it’s probably a sexy time so I’m not really a fan of this I like that and that’s probably the most expensive item that they produce yeah that’s nice I like it the earth blockers and mini clock yeah I wouldn’t really use this anywhere on anyone so that’s not my favorite candy my favorite you had been all back the labels it’s a good idea I get where they’re going with it but just a was a bright idea and then finally probably want to see the other really expected parts of this box with the bathtub that was this glass don’t know the fans low but it’s nice I like it I do use them so I know you would hate it that’s what you like completely okay so for some of this new community maybe has a significant other that somewhat kinky they’re trying to test the waters what would you save up great sure I think it’s a good idea if they send it is something new every month yes you might find something new to try but I can’t just to see what they have future boxes yeah and let me know how they mix it up so the box itself is 24.95 per month I think you can actually yearly box subscription for here super interested but a box or two of these and you have some useful towards some fun toy as a kingster myself I don’t know that I would subscribe to the box for a very long time I probably try it on them too sir but your little more games for most right I get letters all the time people just sing where would I start so maybe this is a good place and if you want to start this again not sponsored they’re not paying me anything but they do have a subscription code that you can actually use that I’ll link down below to get a special on that first box on your first month and if you decide to subscribe let us know give it to comment tweet us some pictures of you using your first box of toys I honestly interested to see what they do in the future good that speaker think you can tink rate for sending that my way if you guys want to see more unboxing to things like this or maybe like sex toys of the month let us know down below in the comment if you like it like it should love the fact so whether you choose to subscribe to can create for now I always have a state for a fan today stick what is confetti me woo because confetti alright alright around I don’t forget to subscribe what’s sacred with you next time bye everything up here I just want to quickly say thank you again to King crate for sending this box long did want to add something in that I don’t feel like expressed enough as a very experienced Kingston myself I don’t know that this box is for me yet I want to say that with the caveat that I think there’s a lot of potential here for a great subscription box service but what are you guys providing with this box that I can’t get anywhere else and maybe hey try the box send it to a friend that’s just getting in the kink it might be the perfect gift for them last night thoughts hope you guys in this video we’ll see you next week and I’ll talk to you later nice


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