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We-Vibe Sync | Sex Toy Review


In general, wearable couples vibrators are not something that usually excites me. I appreciate the wearable aspect as an accessibility feature, but even then, the motors in these toys tend to be really weak and buzzy, and they can be really finicky about actually fitting different people’s bodies and staying in the right place. So when We-Vibe sent me their newest couples toy, the Sync, I was as skeptical as I’ve ever been. It looks damn near identical to an already existing toy of theirs, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, which I’ve played around with in shops before and have never been particularly impressed with.At a glance, the Sync just looks like more of the same thing. I started messing with it in my hands. Alright, it’s kind of flexible… Wait a minute… Holy shitballs, it’s got hinges. That alone is already a massive step up. If you don’t know how these sorts of vibrators work, they’ve got one arm that goes inside the vagina and one that wraps around over the labia and clit. The idea is that they can be worn during penetrative sex to add an extra level of stimulation, or they can just be used as a general hands-free vibrator. In the past toys like this have just relied on being flexible to try to work for different bodies, but with such a wide range of body types out there, that’s not exactly ideal.There’s always going to be people who find it too loose or too snug. So the hinges on the Sync are really freakin’ cool because it means the toy is truly adjustable. The arms can be pulled apart until they’re basically at a right angle, pushed together pretty tightly, or anything in between. The internal arm can also be bent outwards. It’s a toy that you can make fit your body instead of just hoping your body fits the toy. Very cool. There is one potential drawback to the hinge that I can see, and I’m not sure if it would ever actually be a problem, but I feel like I should mention it. The further the two arms are pulled apart, the silicone exterior starts to bunch up at the base of the external arm.That’s fine, but over time if the hinge is pulled wide and adjusted frequently, I could imagine the silicone weakening and splitting at that point. I can’t say if that ever would happen, but it seems like a possibility to keep in mind. When you turn the Sync on, there are three different ways you can control it. One is the single button on the top of the toy, which cycles through its intensities and patterns.Two is with its little remote, which has four buttons — two for cycling through modes, and two for adjusting their intensity. The third way it can be controlled is through the We-Vibe app. I now have three We-Vibe toys that are compatible with the app, and it’s actually really cool. It connects to the toy via Bluetooth, gives you extra vibration options such as controlling the two motors separately and creating your own patterns, and it also lets you connect the toy to a partner’s phone to let them control the vibrations from anywhere in the world.I know it’s also got video and other chat functions. I haven’t played around with those a ton so I can’t really comment on them, but it seems like they could be really awesome for long-distance relationships. Now let’s talk about the motor issue. Remember what I said earlier about couples toys’ motors being paltry and sad? Strike that from your mind. Throw that sentiment in the garbage because this external motor does not suck. It’s actually, dare I say it, pretty fucking good. And that was the biggest surprise of all to me. It is strong. It is rumbly. I have literally no complaints about this outer motor. It gets me off. It’s good stuff. The internal motor? Crap. It’s weak, buzzy, and not even worth talking about. But in my opinion the other motor more than makes up for it because I have never put this thing on hoping for G-spot orgasms. It’s all about that clit arm, and that clit arm is awesome. There’s something else I haven’t touched on yet, and that’s how this vibrator actually fares during penetrative sex.That is, after all, its main advertised purpose. But I personally do not like it for that at all. No matter what position we’re in, the external arm moves around a ton and refuses to stay over my clit, and the internal arm is really obtrusive and makes thrusting difficult. It doesn’t add to the experience in any way — it actually kind of kills the mood — and I fucking hate it. I have to be honest about that. But as a regular wearable vibrator for masturbation? I do like it. It’s not perfect for me because this style of toy in general just isn’t very compatible with my masturbatory needs — I like to move vibrators back and forth across my clit, and this can’t really accommodate that — but it does get me to orgasm, and it does it hands-free, so that’s a victory all on its own.We-Vibe, I salute you. The last thing I have to cover in this review is the Sync’s charger because it is so clever. The toy charges magnetically in this little dock that also functions as a storage container for the vibrator and its remote. There are quite a few different toys on the market these days that have this sort of dock, but this one is particularly impressive to me because with the cap on it’s very discreet. Yes, it does have the We-Vibe logo on it, but simply flip the cap around and it looks like a fucking air freshener. A lot of sex toys claim that they’re so visually discreet that you could leave them anywhere and grandma would be oblivious, but this I genuinely think you could.Overall, I think We-Vibe have made some really smart changes since the We-Vibe 4 Plus. The We-Vibe Sync is a damn good toy and, in my opinion, the best wearable vibrator currently on the market. If you’ve got any thoughts or questions about this toy, leave them down in the comments. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time! .


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