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Sex Toy Review w/ AdamandEve.com | Plus Size Sex & Love


Hi guys, my name is Corissa, this is my channel, and today we are going to be doing a sex toy haul. Just so everybody knows what they are getting into ahead of time, this video is going to be educational in nature, but I am going to talk about my own, personal, experiences with the toys, I’m not just going to haul them and pull them out of the box and show them to you, I am actually going to tell you what I think about them.So, if you don’t want to hear what I think about sex toys being used on me or my partner’s body, please excuse yourself. I am just going to jump right in and say that we have used all but, I think, one of these things. And, um, I’m excited to tell you guys about them, so, that’s a good sign. All of these toys are from AdamandEve.com, I DO have a coupon code for, I believe, 50% off any one item, that applies to most of the items on the site. It is a really good deal, and you should definitely take advantage of it, and a big thanks to AdamandEve.com for, you know, improving my life. So, the first thing in our box was this um, it is the Lux Collection Opus Pleasure Vibe. um, as you can see on the box, basically, you use it on yourself or your partner.You basically hold it like this: and you can go like that on the G-spot. I honestly don’t know if I’m prepared to tell you guys enough good things about this. Um, I’m sure you can’t hear, but there are several different levels…it is not a joke, that vibration is serious… There is a vibrating mechanism here and here, also, it’s, like, super bendy, so your anatomy does not have to be one certain way for this to be very fun. Surprisingly easy to use, also. It is rechargeable and it has a USB cord; it charged up within, like, 30 minutes, so, that was pretty fast. Wild, and weird, and something I would not have expected to like… but liked a lot! So, I’m gonna tell you about the stuff that I would use, or that is for me, and then I will also tell you about the stuff that we got for Nate, and then I will tell you about the couple’s stuff that we got.Does that sound, that sound pretty good? So the next that I got is the Conquest for clitoral stimulation. This is something that I have seen around and was very interested in trying, it is basically like a suction cup for your clitoris, and it sucks in your clitoris. You can see really well on my arm what it does… Can you guys see that? So, basically what it does is it replicates the motion of, like, a sucking mouth on your clitoris, and I’mma tell y’all something, it doesn’t suck. It doesn’t suck. You know, it doesn’t, like, suck… I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this, now, I personally am so used to, like, vibrators and stuff like that, I don’t know that something like this would get me off, or make me climax… but it is really, really fun. It’s like a really, really fun foreplay toy. On top of that, we discovered that you can put it on nipples, both mine and my partner’s. And putting it on nipples is super, super fun. I definitely think this is for, like, the sex toy connoisseur, you know, if you’re looking for, like, one thing, that you will use and go to constantly, then, something like this is probably better for you, but if you have that one thing, and you’re looking for something that gives you a new sensation, or something to just kinda play with, then, this is fucking rad. So, you guys have been asking me to do a review of one of these for a while, now.And, so, I am going to oblige. This is the Sasha Grey deep throat pocket pal. My partner has a penis, so we used this on him, I am going to like, take it out of the box, show it to you guys… It is a little mouth, if you guys can’t see, uh, when you stick your finger in it, it like, suctions on to your finger. It feels very, like, jelly it, like, wiggles around a bunch, um, the inside of it is ribbed. This is much more badass than I had anticipated. So the way that we used it was by, um, putting coconut oil in it, I really think you could just put your genitals in it as it is, but we did put coconut oil in it first.In regards to this specific toy you guys had a lot of questions about cleaning it, um, this toy does not, like, come apart or anything like that, so, you do have to kind of, like, get your hands in there and clean it really, really well. We did get some of this 4 in 1 pure & clean misting all-purpose toy spray from AdamandEve… That toy is something you need to go in with, like soapy water with, and make sure it’s totally cleaned out, which is also why I would recommend using something like coconut oil with it.That oil just makes everything, like, a little bit easier to clean out, but it is super, super fun. If you have a penis, I think that you would really, really enjoy this. And, also, if you are someone with a penis’ partner, and you feel weird about, like, buying them, um, a pocket pal, uh, don’t. They have, like, this weird, like, shame around like, “oh do they enjoy this sensation more than they enjoy my genitals?” And, like, that’s just silly. There are so many cool things that you can do in the bedroom… I assure you that this is not a threat to your vagina in any way, shape, or form. It feels different than a vagina; it’s not the same thing, so, you don’t have to worry about, like, “oh, is that gonna, is he gonna be you know, hanging out in his man cave with his pocket pussy all day?” I don’t think that’s gonna happen.The next thing that AdamandEve sent us was the sugar sack; I’m actually really excited about this. The one drawback to this is that it does get, I mean, it has lint all over it right now, so, what we have decided is something like a sugar sack would be perfect for it. The sugar sack is an anti-bacterial sex toy sack. If I can open it… The lining is real cute, um, you can wash it, but, basically, it’s just to keep your sex toys in, to keep them clean, to keep them, like, dust- and crap-free. So that is just going to stay in our little sugar sack for now. If I could, I would have a sugar sack for every single toy, I would buy twenty of them. I showed you guys the sex toy cleaner, that we got, we also got this hemp seed 3 in 1 massage candle. This smells good as hell.So, basically, you burn this candle, and it turns into hot massage oil, and you can massage your partner, which is really fucking cool. Who would’ve ever thought? That’s so interesting to me. Okay, guys, last but certainly not least, um, is this amazing support pillow that we got from AdamandEve. It is a super plush, super firm pillow that you can use to help lift your pelvis, or your partner’s pelvis, or to lay over, or to just help you really get into any position imaginable. We have had so many people ask us about these, and this is such a reasonably priced one, I was so excited to try it out, and one of the coolest things about this one in particular is that it has handles on each side, which means that you can hold onto them, you can pull the pillow where you need to pull it while you’re in the act…It also has kind of a rubber grip side, um, that helps the pillow stay in place, so it’s not slipping out from under you. And, then, of course, the side that you lay on is really nice and velvety soft. Um, a LOT of people asked me if I have any tips for plus-sized people having sex, and something like this pillow is, like, the best thing you can possibly do, both for you and your partner. It just help to elevate your pelvis so that it is more accessible…if you have knee problems, or anything like that, you can even use this under your knees… It’s so important that when we think about sex we aren’t just thinking about, like, what can I put on my wiener, what can I put on my clit, that we think about, like, how to make our bodies more comfortable, and this kind of, like, cushiony pillow is something that can make such a big difference in your sex life, and you don’t even realize, that, like it was something that maybe you needed.We’re all out here, like, buying massage oil and nipple clamps and stuff, and, like, it turns out all you needed was your pelvis to be a little bit higher. It has a zipper on it, if you want to take the cover off and wash the cover you can. This is, by far, my favorite “sex toy” that I’ve got in a long time. I cannot recommend it enough, I’m really really excited that I actually got to try one, and tell you guys about it because I just think that accessibility for fat bodies– for all bodies–is really important when you’re having sex. And having something like that pillow in your bedroom repertoire is just cool; it’s cool to me that things like that are made, and at our disposal, and I think we should talk about them more.And I think we should HAVE them more. That’s it for this haul from AdamandEve! It was a good one, guys, I, uh really, really enjoyed everything we got. I definitely think you guys should use that coupon code and check out all of the items listed below. And a huge, big thank you to AdamandEve for sponsoring this video and sending us the products, and giving me a chance to talk to you guys about this stuff, because I just think it’s not talked about enough. Let me know if there is anything maybe you guys would be interested in seeing me review While I feel like I am in the know on sex toys, sometimes, people surprise me, and show me things that I have never seen before. So, maybe there is something else that AdamandEve and I should review; let me know if that exists. Until next time, please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe and I will see you then! Bye! .


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