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Rose & Rosie | If the iPhone 7 was a sex Toy (English subtitles)


I can’t even put it into words It’s not even like nails down the chalkboard It’s like… Isn’t it fingers donw the chalkboard? Fingernails you pleb …of nails Rosie is feeling a little bit sensitive at the moment I’ve been crying for like 3 days over nothing Oh I’m glad you think it’s nothing So you think that it was nothing? No, I thought you said it was nothing You said it was nothing You said you were crying over nothing I told them it was nothing That is my point, that you started crying over nothing No for the last 3 days No The more I look at you up close, the more I’m not sure I don’t know… I’m always 10 years later to the song Yeah, I know – Always I don’t care, I like it like that Always 10 years too late to an orgasm If the iPhone 7 was also a sex toy ando if you take the call, while you know… and they’ll be like: “Are you in a tunnel?” and it’s like: “No, you are in a tunnel.” I just think it would be great for checking emails…I remember when I was younger and Twilight was big Yeah Finding out that there was an Edward Cullen like dildo and… What? Was there a Kristen Stewart one? They had one and basically it sparkled like Edward Cullen ando you put it in the fridge and it was cold like a vampire No, the Kristen Stewart would be amazing When you start, she would be like… and you would be like: “Oh keep going” and she’s like: And then at the end she gets to the point And she would… And you would be like: “I’m already done, just save it” Everyone thinks I’m the jealous one But the actual truth of the matter is you get so fucking jealous But only when I’m… So we were watching The L Word and I looked at Carmen and Rosie literally goes: “I look just like her” And I laughed because I think it was an hilarious joke I look at Rosie, she’s deadly fucking serious I look just like her How? I look just like her Rosie, you don’t look anything like her I think we have a lot of similarities… – Like what? Facially Like what? I don’t see why you can’t just let me have a crush without been all stupid about it I’m actually genuinelly a little bit pissed off Who do you call a stupid, stupid? Ok, why don’t you just give me a little kissy kiss? Your pijamas are seethrough and I like that …in my mouth Do you know what I likea bout kissing…It’s like calm kissing The exact opposite of Carmen So… I want you to kiss me and i want you to imagine someone and from how you’re kissing me, I’m going to imagine who it is Alright? This is a good game, ok You are kissing a woman because you’re being real gentle Right? No I don’t want to play this game What’s…Right What’s the ugliest sound you could do when you kiss a partner? Let me try I don’t even have one in mind This is the worst sound you could make Ready? Wait, I’m not done I’m not done I burped naturally but that wasn’t what i was going to do Ok another time So basically I started this thing that melts Rosie’s heart because it’s the ultimate way of getting her on my side again if I piss her off or if she’s upset And it’s called the Coodle Company Corporation A Coodle, in penguin, is a cuddle So if Rosie says: “Give me a coodle” I invented that Coodles Right, ok So I’ve got this thing where if Rosie is sulking or something, I make a phone call at the Coodle Company It’s not a real phone call, she doesit like this: Excuse me, it is a real phone call “Hello” the Coodle Company is the company that disrtibutes coodles to other penguins So…It’s a little bit like this: Hello, is it the Coodle Company? I did not order a coodle that came with ear nibling You will Ok… What did they say? Coodles Grose. I hate myself i don’t. i think I’m better than everyone Me too Rosie I’m 28 years old and I pretend that there’s a factory… Of penguins – Of penguins Manufacturing penguin coodles That distribute them to other penguin couples Our child is giong to have a wonderful childhood I hope it never grow out of it Follow us in SnapChat It’s RoseEDix and Roxeterawr Roxeterawr So we do that now We have a lot of fun with it It’s actually one of my favourite social platforms You should definitelly check us out I have a lot of fun with that, it’s so natural you should be a Viner as well, because your snaps are gold thanks babe. I really appreciate that compliment Give me a kiss (down there) What? Alright guys, that’s it from us this week We will see you soon We will go home for Easter back to our mummies’ house That’ll be fun, so I’m sure… – Mummie So also that will be in the vlog Don’t forget to like, comment and suscribe to this channel Suscribe to Rosie for all the vlogs and all we do behind the scenes And make sure you follow us on SnapChat Twitter and Tumblr And we will see you soon so take care of yourself Don’t forget, don’t trust anyone in this world apart from you and sometimes don’t even trust you Because you will fuck yourself over at some point You may even like it And with that I say arrevouir and good night Adieux And scene Next time… Next time we do a video you have to fucking stick to your lines, ok? I’m serious This YouTube channel is never going to work Honestly, I’m not happy with the script. You make me look bad No, I make you look bad to make me look good If we are going to pretend this fasade of being a lesbian couple, out in the media, you’ve got to stick to your fucking script Because if there’s ever a point when they start doubting our love for eachother…No they don’t doubt. We gone past that now We should get a real lesbian script of videos That is more convincing I don’t want to be around a lesbian I really don’t like doing YouTube Specially when i just be myself Go away. Get off me We are not acting anymore .


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