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How Do You Organize a Sex Toy Party


Hi I’m dr. cat Van Kirk I’m the guest contributor here at sex toys Dachau and it’s time for our fabulous segment ask dr. cat today’s question from a fan is how do you organize a sex toy party so obviously these have become really popular there are lots of different parties out there where you can bring it’s kind of like a Tupperware party you can bring the sex toys in you get hooked up with you know a reputable company who does that basically what you want to do is really target your invite list you want to reach out to people who are gonna have a comfort level with talking about sex with talking about toys and obviously people too who have a real interest and know maybe want to get educated on it and like you know share some of their little tips and tricks and you know really I would say probably keeping the party to under about 15 people but definitely at least 5 or 6 is gonna kind of create you know the right amount of energy for the party some people um you know unknown a group of women who will like get together and you know have some drinks have some wine and even just go online shopping together for toys and talk about the toys and kind of like once they’ve experienced before what works for them and what doesn’t and also you know comparing reviews online to it’s funny it used to be such a taboo thing but now there’s been this real resurgence and interest especially by women who want to get empowered about their sexuality and not feel taboo about discussing it with you know a group of girlfriends so I of course I’m a little biased I suggest you check out our sponsor adamandeve.com and actually we’ll give you a little code you can use if you want to get started on your collection right away you can go there and get 50% off almost any one item plus a pre mystery gift free DVDs three of them and you can also get free shipping off your entire order when you enter the code how to fifty at the checkout that’s H Oh WTO five Oh and yes we love people to subscribe and we love people who give us thumbs-up because it allows us to come back and give you more sex hacks


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