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Tantus Echo | Sex Toy Review


A little while back, the lovely, lovely folks over at Tantus sent me a few toys to review, and today I’m going to talk about this one, which is the Tantus Echo. They call the Echo a vibrator because it has this cavity in the base that they send a little bullet vibrator that you can put in. But I rarely ever use it that way and pretty much consider it a dildo with the option of vibration. The silicone is glossy and semi-firm. It doesn’t have a lot of squish to it. As you can see, it’s highly textured, with five pronounced horizontal ridges on the front and a slight vertical ridge at the back. The flared base means it’s both anus and harness compatible if you’re into any of that, but I can’t really speak to how well it works in those regards because I don’t use it that way. Vaginally, this thing is a dream. The ridges really, really stimulate my front walls, and the head is pronounced enough that I can get some G-spot action going. It’s not one of those toys that I can thrust like crazy with because of the texture, but it’s really great for just a slow in-and-out motion with the top ridge tugging on my G-spot. It’s also a toy that I like for just inserting and leaving, clenching around it, feeling the fullness, squeezing the ridges.Lightly thrusted, it’s awesome. Inserted and still, it’s awesome. Pretty much anything you want to do with it, it’s probably gonna be awesome. The Echo is 6-and-a-half inches insertable with a diameter of 1.55. I consider that pretty standard for what I’m used to and don’t need a lot of warmup with it, but I will say that the size in conjunction with the texture does make it more intense than other, more smooth toys of the same size. If you think the Echo would be too much for you but you want something similar, I know Tantus does the Goddess, which is the same sort of bullet-compatible, textured dildo that’s just a little bit smaller and with a more subtle texture.They also do the Echo Handle, which is the same style but with the addition of a handle for anyone has reach problems or just wants something longer to hold onto, and I’ve heard really good things about that one too. But I love my Echo. It’s just a perfect specimen, and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes or wants to experiment with texture. It is so, so good. If you’ve tried this toy or any of Tantus’ other toys or just any other textured toys or you want to, leave me a comment, and let’s talk about dildos.Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. .


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