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Choosing Your First Sex Toy


The question I probably get most often when it comes to sex toys is what do I recommend for a beginner? Someone who’s never used a toy before or has only used shitty ones, and especially someone on a budget. Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re new to the big, crazy world of sex toys, picking a good toy can be a daunting task, definitely. There are so many different kinds – different shapes and materials and styles, vibrating toys, thrusting toys, toys you can put in your ass, toys you can’t put in your ass… And you might not even know what you like yet! So here are my biggest general tips for sex toy newbies.#1. This might not be feasible for everyone, but one of the best things you can do is find a good sex shop. An actual, physical shop with a wide selection of body-safe options to browse in person and a friendly, knowlegeable staff that can help you pick the right product for you. I’m going to link The Redhead Bedhead’s list of “Superhero Sex Shops down in the description so you can hopefully find one near you. Tip #2. While you don’t want to drop a whole bunch of money on something that you’re not sure about, don’t buy a toy just because it’s cheap.Because in this industry cheap is pretty much synonymous with weak vibrations, sketchy materials, and liability to break within the month. If you’re on a budget, I just did a whole blog post on my top 10 quality, body-safe sex toys under $30, so I’ll link that in the description and in the Cards annotation. Tip #3. Get something versatile. If you’re a toy newbie, you probably don’t know what you like yet, so get something that offers you a few different options.Vibrators that can be used both internally and externally (or with the vibrations turned off as a dildo, vibrators that have a range of both steady vibration and vibration patterns, or ones that come with different attachments or sleeves to change and enhance the sensations. Dildos with wide bases so that they’re vagina, anus, and harness friendly, double-ended dildos… You get the idea. Tip #4. Read reviews! And not just the ones on the retailer’s site. A lot of people don’t know that there’s a really large and active sex toy blogging community out there and that Googling “‘insert toy name here’ reviews” will probably lead you to lots of folks with discerning tastes and helpful opinions.Or you can even start your search on a reviewer’s site – they probably have a page that lists their favorite toys, so see what they like and go from there. If you’re looking for good reviews, there’s a blogroll of my favorites over on my website. Tip #5. Buy body-safe. Please. Your body will thank you. If you don’t know what that means, I have a whole video on the problems with toxic and porous sex toys. So, those are my top tips for buying your first sex toy. I hope it’s helpful for some of you, and if you have any other tips or questions, definitely leave them down in the comments. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time! .


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