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Portland Sex Toy Giveaway


So what are you doing here today? I’m coming to get a free vibrator. I was up on the platform getting a hot dog and my friend ran up to me and said “Dude, we need to get these free vibrators.” I think a lot of people around here use a lot of vibrators. Is this your first vibrator? Uh, yeah. You had to think about that? Yeah. Is this going to be the first on your own? No, I got one. Have you owned a vibrator before? Yes and none of them satisfied. None of them satisfied. How many have you owned? Six.Is this vibrator for you that you’re getting or for someone else? I haven’t yet decided. If you were to see your mother here today in line, what would you say? I’d say “Mom do you want to get one too?” And what if you saw your coworkers in line? I’m with my coworkers. What would you do if your mom saw you in this line? She’d probably think like “what the heck? what are you doing here?” What if you saw your mom in this line? I’d be like “what the heck? Why are you here?” .


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