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My Sex Toy Collection – Instructional Video for Weird Sex Toy – Sex Toys – Vibrating Rabbit


Rabbit here is called the rabbit pearl it’s called the rabbit pearl these little pearl beads inside of it it’s for insertable inches by four and a half circumference it’s got the little vibrating bunny what makes this particular rabbit there is special is that it has this really easy to use remote which is very important as you don’t want to be in the heat of the moment having a blast lying there and then having to fiddle with or control this rabbit curl eradicate that problem firstly we’ve got two very easy-to-use knobs here one is for the shaft and one is for the vibrating rabbit itself we also have a little button here that is the switch that makes the toy vibrate in the opposite direction as they do firstly we’ll start with the critter old library it’s also a very quiet toy that’s it at full speed and it’s going quite quickly as you can see but it’s nearly silent which is a big plus for people who have sin walls shared accommodations or a family then we go to the multi speeds available on the shaft which is going pretty pretty fast here and the beads are going a bit nutty and providing a nice friction as they do we’ve also got as I said before the switch that makes it vibrate at the opposite direction so if you’ve worked yourself up and you want to go into your g-spot and it’s on the opposite side then that’s a really good thing to do to just press this button as I said as multi speeds it’s easy to use it’s made of jelly and it’s got these wonderful beads that move more than usually the ones that are on the sort of the ones that are held in rows and because of that it makes it a bit more lively and more friction I think he’ll find that this purl rabbit is a gem you


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