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Woman’s Sex Toy Found by TSA Employee


Material luggage inspection a_t_f_ agents i came across a sex toy in one person’s uh… luggage right and i guess here she was amused by it so on analogy in the light it’s the g_s_a_ official wrote get your free conger up disaster yeah sell you know all when the traveler opened his or her while her luggage and she saw that and she probably felt a little of eileen and uh… all can say is it was and nice about it for yes that look like gross rating i think there was a have friendly person saying hey you know what i’m on your site priorities are wrong whatever that is that that that suits in your opinion you’re free to include against people traveling with a dildo since i find it so what is but where you can go on like one ship without your sex life yeah he was there was a trip to the genie intersects or for and and maybe we shouldn’t be looking for a bags of money or notes and and so i feel like you know on the one hand that’s at least knowing playful people a if you’ll alaska but that another hand and so that we create


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