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Sex Toy Demonstration in Class


I want to do an update on the northwestern human sexuality class about was facing a ton of criticism really good earlier this year professor john michael bailey from northwestern university was teaching human sexuality class and one the after school ut options that his classmates or students had was to go to sex toy demonstration it was not something that was required of the students it was completely optional and up professor michael bailey said that he informs students of the nature of the demonstration prior to the event actually taking place but regardless of all that had the presque found out about the story professor bailey says is the press kind of blew it out of proportion and because of that he faced a lot of criticism for it now i was curious to see whether or not he would face a new type of consequences for it i’m is pretty open minded about that sex toy demonstration naked woman showed up someone she used a sex toy known as the fox op and broadway it’s such a boulder name for a sex toy cat can we come up with something a little nicer i don’t know the happy sop the vibrating saw i don’t know the pleasure saw like that i would buy the pleasures dot but i’m not sure about the other way anyway isolated without but anyway and turns out that he happened to your really faced real consequences which i’m happy about he still teaching at northwestern professor bailey uh…Is actually teaching a three hundred level class that’s known as special topics and it covers something known as dangerous ideas so i think it’s a similar type of class but northwestern has dropped his human sexuality class i don’t really agree with them dropping the class all together i think that’s kinda stupid i mean why do you need to go to the extreme of could dropping an entire class i think the best thing to do is if you didn’t agree with the sex toy demonstration and i can understand university officials not agreeing with it you pull the professors and say look they allowing a naked woman to use the fox ott during that demonstration that’s related to your class is a little bit of a lapse of judgment so maybe you shouldn’t do that next time i think professor bailey would get the point of human sexuality ka sign up by now the relates not i mean i maybe the deliveries university the freeman is because what it looks and sounds like because of the name of of the sex toy and number two the stones our forces with their grief that affected by that used to do it there don’t sound interfaces some they didn’t want to see that’s their fault but you took the class the word is set in the class that you did not agree with or my gosh syndicates classroom so sheltered will go into the class do that the other ulc than what you think don’t happen to these kids here at the lower nineteen kids and say yeah and they didn’t have a problem with it right but it trends are that the media got ahold of the story and then all the site in the university officials are getting on this professor select i’m with you on that they are adults harris it’s a sex toy demonstration it’s not the worst thing in the world ok never heard of sex was before like until so i was anti bollam to volunteered to go on this caller aspect of the class i didn’t have to go on and i’m nineteen twenty years old i’ve never heard of sex life no one could do that what the hell fire arms into sort what it was the first kind of the list where is the miscommunication within this or something let me ask you know what the no one without reason no one was don’t outraged by the media was looking for something juicy juicy and they found that they found a juicy story and i think the fact that the name of the sex toy is a little bugger made the story even more juicy so all decided like northwestern professor use a sex toy known as fox i during a demonstration that’d martha during the eight o’clock news you know any leads total sensationalism it’s exactly what local media loves it was first picked up by local media and then national media heard about it and then shows like hours covered it right but what we were very understanding and open minded toward it


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