Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet

Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet
Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet

Nothing‰’s Faster Than This Speeding Bullet!This turbo-charged 3‰Û black bullet vibe is so powerful, even the lowest setting will leave you shaking with pleasure! Use the handheld wired controller‰’s slider to experience multiple bed-shaking speeds. Curving ridges give you extra grip and thigh-quivering friction. Great for clit, G-Spot, anal, and nipple stimulation. ‰
• Black bullet vibrator‰
• Ultra-powerful speed‰
• 3‰Û length x 1å_‰Û width‰
• Handheld wired remote‰
• 30‰Û connecting cord‰
• Slider for easy one-finger speed adjustment‰
• Multi-speed vibrations‰
• Curved and raised ridges on bullet for extra friction‰
• 2 AA batteries (sold separately)If you love power and lots of it, the Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet is the best bullet vibrator for you. Why? Even though it‰’s powered by a standard 2 AA batteries (sold separately), this bullet vibrator packs a major wallop. Just adjust the slider on the handheld remote to the level of vibration you love ‰– but be warned! Even at the lowest setting, the Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet Vibrator means business. To use, just add lube (if desired) to the bullet end of your Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet Vibrator. Its raised ridges curve all the way around the center of the vibrator for a little extra grip and friction. Then use the wired remote control‰’s slider to activate the Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet Vibrator‰’s intoxicatingly fast vibrations. Start out with a low setting, then gradually increase the bullet vibrator to higher and higher speeds as you crave more stimulation. Try out the Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet Vibrator in your pussy, ass, or for great clit and nipple play. This black bullet vibrator is fun and makes a fantastic men‰’s or women‰’s sex toy. (And a perfect gift for vibrating bullet fans!)Clean your Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet Vibrator with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

Only $24.95 USD

Manufactured by Cal Exotics