X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator

X5 9
X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator

Stuff This Vibrating Cock Anywhere You Want!…and it’s waterproof!Grab the 2″ thick, 9″ tall, veiny shaft and feel how incredibly firm and flexible your TPR lover is! It’s the X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator! Squeeze his phallic tip ‰–‰– it feels just like the real thing ‰–‰– then switch on the variable-speed vibrator hidden inside for stud-bull power! Take your big vibrating cock anywhere, shower, tub or bath and come like mad! Uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately).‰
• Hefty 9‰Û length, 2‰Û width‰
• Flexible TPR vibrator‰
• Perfect for G-Spot stimulation‰
• Variable speed activated with twist control at base‰
• WaterproofWhen it’s got to be big, you’ll love the X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator. This vibe is big, powerful, and realistic looking for size queens and size kings alike! Just lube it up with water-based lube and have at it! Slick it up good with your favorite brand of lube and you‰’re ready for incredible insertion and thrusting. Your X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator has a flexible silicone body, so you can hit all your hot spots (no matter where they may be)!…and it’s waterproof! This is especially useful when you take your X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator with you into the shower or spa.Clean up is easy. Just remove batteries, put cap back on and immerse in warm soapy water, lightly scrub with your hands or wash cloth. Towel dry and store away from your other jelly, plastic or silicone toys.Check out all the vibrators Adam and Eve offers.

Only $34.95 USD

Manufactured by Blush Novelties