X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator

X5 9
X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator

Stuff This Vibrating Cock Anywhere You Want!…and it’s waterproof!Grab the 2″ thick, 9″ tall, veiny shaft and feel how incredibly firm and flexible your TPR lover is! It’s the X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator! Squeeze his phallic tip ‰–‰– it feels just like the real thing ‰–‰– then switch on the variable-speed vibrator hidden inside for stud-bull power! Take your big vibrating cock anywhere, shower, tub or bath and come like mad! Uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately).‰
• Hefty 9‰Û length, 2‰Û width‰
• Flexible TPR vibrator‰
• Perfect for G-Spot stimulation‰
• Variable speed activated with twist control at base‰
• WaterproofWhen it’s got to be big, you’ll love the X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator. This vibe is big, powerful, and realistic looking for size queens and size kings alike! Just lube it up with water-based lube and have at it! Slick it up good with your favorite brand of lube and you‰’re ready for incredible insertion and thrusting. Your X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator has a flexible silicone body, so you can hit all your hot spots (no matter where they may be)!…and it’s waterproof! This is especially useful when you take your X5 9″ Hard On Vibrator with you into the shower or spa.Clean up is easy. Just remove batteries, put cap back on and immerse in warm soapy water, lightly scrub with your hands or wash cloth. Towel dry and store away from your other jelly, plastic or silicone toys.Check out all the vibrators Adam and Eve offers.

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Manufactured by Blush Novelties

Waterproof Velvet Pleaser

Waterproof Velvet Pleaser
Waterproof Velvet Pleaser

Soft & silky finish for ultra-smooth orgasms! Titillate your senses with this luxuriously soft and comfortable vibrator! ‰
• Traditional vibrator shape made for easy penetration‰
• Long shaft sends powerful vibrations deep inside your body‰
• Multispeed vibrations easily adjusted from low to high‰
• Vibrator tip houses motor to focus and maximize power‰
• Waterproof for use in the shower or tub‰
• Covered in special velvet finish for an ultra-soft feeling‰
• Made from plastic for extra durability‰
• Vibrator measures 1 inch across and 6 inches long, insertable‰
• Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately Based on a traditional vibrator design, the Waterproof Velvet Pleaser sinks deep inside your pussy to send strong vibrations surging through your whole body. The sex toy‰’s tip hides a strong vibrator motor ‰– providing you with focused vibrations with the maximum possible strength to enhance your pleasure as much as possible. You can even quickly and easily change speeds from low to high with the adjustable dial in the base. The vibrator boosts a special water-tight O ring so you can safely use it in the bathtub or shower. It‰’s also easier to clean the vibrator because the water-tight seal protects the battery compartment from getting wet. The vibrator features a special velvety finish that makes it feel soft to the touch and incredibly smooth. The vibrator is made out of impact-resistant plastic for extra durability, and it‰’s firm to the touch for easy penetration. The vibrator is non-porous so it won‰’t collect hair or dust like sex toys made from either rubber or jelly. The multispeed vibrator measures 1 inch across and 7 inches long, with up to 6 inches insertable. You can turn the sex toy on and off and control the vibration speed with a twist dial in the base of the vibrator. The sex toy‰’s base unscrews to hold 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Adam and Eve recommends the Waterproof Velvet Pleaser Vibrator for vaginal stimulation in th

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We-Vibe Touch

We-Vibe Touch
We-Vibe Touch

Discreet vibrator uniquely shaped to fit your body! Protected by Adam & Eve‰’s Satisfaction Guaranteed PolicyIncludes battery charger, storage bag and detailed instructionsFrom the same makers of the best-selling We-Vibe, this vibrator ‰– with its ultra-powerful motor and uniquely pleasing design ‰– is made for solo fun! ‰
• Rounded tip delivers pin-point stimulation with each touch‰
• Ergonomic wave shape made to fit your body‰’s contours‰
• Scoop-shaped tip ‰ÛÏhugs‰Û your clit for maximum-strength stimulation‰
• Play with 8 different vibration modes‰
• Stronger & quieter than your average vibrator for enhanced stimulation‰
• Incredibly discreet makes it safe to use almost anywhere‰
• Waterproof for wet & wild fun in the shower or pool ‰
• Measures 3.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches long‰
• Made from hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone‰
• Vibrator uses rechargeable batteries and lasts up to 2 hours‰
• Adam & Eve recommends for novices and experts‰
• Also includes: magnetic battery charger, storage bag & detailed instructionsThe We-Vibe Touch is uniquely shaped to help maximize your stimulation and its effectiveness. The tip of the sex toy is rounded for spot-on stimulation wherever you touch ‰– from your nipples down to your clit! The ergonomic body of the vibrator is shaped like a wave, allowing it to fit your body‰’s natural shape for soothing massages from your head to your toes. And the special scoop in the tip is shaped like a tongue to hug your clit ‰– surrounding it with powerful vibrations for the strongest orgasm you‰’ve ever had! The sex toy features 8 different vibration speed and patterns for you to try. Located in the tip for the most effective stimulation, the motor is stronger and quieter than your typical vibrator ‰– making this sex toy incredibly discreet. You can safely use it in a crowded house without anyone knowing or slip it inside your suitcase when you need to relax on a stressful business trip. The We-Vibe Touch is fully wate

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Manufactured by We-Vibe

Vibrating Nen-Wa Balls

Vibrating Nen-Wa Balls
Vibrating Nen-Wa Balls

Love Ben Wa Balls, but craving a little extra power? Then get a hold of these powerful 4 speed vibrating ben wa balls! Vibrating Nen Wa Balls give you all the ben wa balls-style stimulation you love with an added kick. Just flick a switch to start both ben wa balls vibrating inside you! Use these vibrating sex toys for pure internal stimulation, or let one ball flutter against your pussy lips while the other buzzes your clit!

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Manufactured by Nasswalk

Water Missile Tear Drop Probe

Water Missile Tear Drop Probe
Water Missile Tear Drop Probe

Multi-Speed Vibrator Dives For Deep Satisfaction!Waterproof!This sleek blue vibrator takes the plunge into your pussy with up to 5å_‰Û of insertable length! The vibrator‰’s 1‰Û wide smooth, round head provides just the right amount of pressure to set your G-Spot singing, and the sex toy‰’s tapered å_‰Û shaft lets you tease and stroke with ease! Twist the vibrator‰’s base to feel orgasmic multi-speed vibrations! ‰
• Waterproof G-Spot vibrator‰
• In ocean blue‰
• Made from firm ABS‰
• 5 å_‰Û insertable length, 6 å_‰Û total length‰
• 1‰Û wide at head for expert G-Spot stimulation‰
• å_‰Û wide shaft for comfortable use‰
• Multiple vibration speeds‰
• Vibrations centered in the vibrator‰’s tip‰
• Twist vibration control at base‰
• 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)Turn bathtime into wow time with the Water Missile Tear Drop Probe Vibrator! This sleek, smooth vibrator is designed to infiltrate your wettest, wildest fantasies and dive deep for pussy-quivering G-Spot stimulation. Just add a little lube to get this hot vibrator all slick, then slide it into your pussy. This waterproof vibrator is insertable up to 5å_‰Û ‰– so you can reach new orgasmic depths! Its firm, sleek surface feels so nice against your most sensitive skin while the rounded, wider head seeks out your G-Spot. The vibrator‰’s thinner shaft gives you more room to maneuver, twist, and shake as you explore! Turn on the vibrator‰’s powerful speed by twisting the dial-control base. Even at its lowest setting, this waterproof vibrator has quite a powerful buzz. Turn the dial all the way to increase the intensity and bring yourself to new heights of pleasure.Since the Water Missile Tear Drop Probe Vibrator‰’s vibrations are centered in the rounded tip, this waterproof vibrator can also be used for amazing clitoral stimulation. Clean your Water Missile Tear Drop Probe Vibrator with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

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Manufactured by Cal Exotics, Hard Vibes

Velvet Obsession Underwater Bullet

Velvet Obsession Underwater Bullet
Velvet Obsession Underwater Bullet

This Bullet Remembers What Got You Off Last Time!7X Speeds!Explore titillation, stimulation and orgasmic satisfaction with 7 incredible vibration and speed patterns ‰–‰–plus you’ll love how this bullet’s memory returns to the last-used setting! Controller is shaped and velvet-textured for easy one-handed use, 2″ bullet is submersible. ABS plastic. Velvet Obsession Bullet is powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately).‰
• Built-in memory resumes the last speed selected‰
• Can be used with other sex toys‰
• 7 vibration speeds patterns, from low to roller coaster pulses‰
• Push button for easy control‰
• Controller has a sensual “hand feel, coated in soft texture plastic‰
• Terrific for foreplay with your partner‰
• Bullet measures 1 inch across and 2 inches long‰
• Cord measures 30 inches long‰
• Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separatelyDesigned for clitoral stimulation, this silver bullet vibrator can reach easily all over your body to tease your nipples, feet and other erogenous zones. The Velvet Obsession Bullet sends vibrations to your most sensitive spots to both arouse and titillate you ‰– making it a great tool for foreplay or masturbation.Your Velvet Obsession Bullet can also be used as a massager to relax your stiff muscles. Try using this vibrator with other sex toys, including male masturbators, love dolls, butt plugs and even dildos for extra stimulation!The Velvet Obsession Bullet vibrator features 7 speeds and has a built-in memory to remember the last speed selection you used. The bullet vibrator and controller are made from plastic, making your sex toy hard and durable. The rigid material is excellent at transmitting vibrations so you don‰’t lose any power, and it also makes the Velvet Obsession Bullet vibrator a useful massager. Plastic is easy to clean with a wet cloth and requires no special handling like some other sex toy materials.The Velvet Obsession Bullet is compatible with Adam & Eve‰’s water-based sex lubes. When

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Trojan Vibrations Pulse

Trojan Vibrations Pulse
Trojan Vibrations Pulse

The Trojan Pulse ffers a number of new features. The soft silicone tip of the vibrator is covered with a special velvet coating to make it feel even softer and smoother… almost like a feather as it brushes over your clit! The sex toy‰’s tip is lightly ribbed, providing additional stimulation as you rub it over your erogenous zones.

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Manufactured by Trojan

The Bodywand Original Massager

The Bodywand Original Massager
The Bodywand Original Massager

Reaches Long & Strong For Total Body Pleasure! Plug in and get ready for the massage of your life! This incredible 13‰Û vibrator‰’s long reach and flexible head were designed to hit every one of your tightest spots. Work out those after-workout kinks, relax those tense shoulders after a hard day at work… or slip this pleasure sceptre between your legs to feel the most intense and focused orgasm-inducing vibrations ever! The plug-in design ensures you‰’ll never run out of power, and the multi-speed control lets you choose exactly the amount you need ‰– from a low, throbby hum to jackhammering high vibrations!‰
• 13‰Û long‰
• 2å_‰Û head, 2‰Û shaft‰
• Made from firm TPE‰
• White with blue accents‰
• 72‰Û cord for great reach‰
• Head is smooth on top with side ridges for friction‰
• Flexible neck lets head bend to reach tight spots and angles‰
• Multi-speed control dial‰
• Whisper-quiet low settings, subdued sound on higher settings‰
• Plugs in to A/C power, no batteries required‰
• Great for use as a vibrator or for massageThe Bodywand Original Massager may just be the most powerful vibrator you‰’ll ever own! This 13‰Û wonder can tackle anything from sore muscles to the most elusive orgasms. If you love the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and plug-in vibrators with lots of power, you need to try out the Bodywand Original Massager!To use, just plug the 72‰Û cord into the nearest outlet, get comfortable, and roll the vibrator‰’s multi-speed dial control. The control is easy to manipulate with just one finger, so you‰’ll only ever need one hand to use this powerful vibrator. On even the lowest setting, the Bodywand Original Massager is deceptively powerful. Try starting low and increasing the vibration speed slowly, so you‰’re not immediately overwhelmed. Add a little lube to create an even more intense experience! On lower settings, this vibrator remains very quiet for discreet use. The Bodywand Original Massager makes a perfect gift for lovers powerful vibrator

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Manufactured by X-Gen

The Lover’s Kit

The Lover's Kit
The Lover’s Kit

Get 5 Hot Sex Toys In 1 Sexy Kit! A $39.85 Value ‰– Save 25%! Take your next l encounter to a new level of pleasure with this handy sex toy kit!

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Manufactured by Cal Exotics

The Naturals Double Penetrator

The Naturals Double Penetrator
The Naturals Double Penetrator

Give Yourself DPs On Demand!Made In The USA!When you want serious double penetration, depend on the Naturals Double Penetrator Dildo! This innovative dildo takes care of your deepest cravings with two pleasuring prongs! Insert these real feel Sil-a-gel cocks into your pussy and ass to feel double the penetration and pleasure! Both dongs are connected by a flexible base to give you total control. ‰
• Double penetration dildo ‰
• Vaginal dong is 1å_‰Û wide and insertable to 4å_‰Û‰
• Anal dong is 1‰Û wide and inserts up to 5‰Û‰
• Flexible base for comfortable insertion‰
• Lifelike sil-a-gel material feels like real‰
• Realistic head and vein detailsHave a threesome any time you want! The Naturals Double Penetrator Dildo by Doc Johnson puts the power right in your hands for easy play whenever you desire. Fulfill all your DP & threesome fantasies with this double penetration sex toy!To use, just add lube and carefully insert the Naturals Double Penetrator Dildo into your pussy and ass. Each realistic dong feels just like the real thing ‰– you‰’ll feel the cock-shaped heads and gently flexible shafts slide in for the perfect amount of pleasure. And since this double penetration dildo is flexible, you can warm up with just the vaginal dong or anal dong before you take the full plunge! You can also just tease with the tips of both dongs until you‰’re ready to feel the ultimate in double penetration!Since both dongs are connected by a flexible base, they‰’ll stay in more firmly and easily than a pair of penetrating sex toys. This double penetration dildo is the perfect sex toy for anyone who really wants to realize a lifelike double penetration fantasy. It‰’s also a good sex toy for practicing on your own before living out a real life DP fantasy.Clean your Naturals Double Penetrator Dildo with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

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Manufactured by Doc Johnson