X-Mas Plush Cuff Set

X-Mas Plush Cuff Set
X-Mas Plush Cuff Set

Get tied up under the tree!If you‰’re not sure what to get your lover this year, just put a bow on your head and tie yourself with this kinky bondage set!The X-Mas Plush Cuff set includes the following items:‰
• 2 padded wrist cuffs‰
• 2 padded ankle cuffs‰
• 2 metal chains‰
• Santa‰’s hat‰
• Padded maskThe 4 softly padded restraints fit comfortably around your wrists and ankles to prevent chafing and any hard-to-explain rope burns the next morning! Easy-release Velcro holds the restraints in place so there‰’s no key that might get lost or complicated knots to undo ‰– making the X-Mas Plush Cuff Set perfect for bondage beginners.Each of the metal chains is permanently attached on one end to a wrist cuff or ankle cuff. The other end of the chain features a simple clip so you can quickly attach it to a number of other objects. You can clip the chain onto another restraint to create a pair of handcuffs or anklecuffs. Or you can clip it around a bedpost‰Û_ leaving your lover completely at your mercy!The padded mask fits over your face ‰– completely blocking your eyesight while subtly enhancing your other senses to make even the slightest touch feel incredibly arousing. Start by lightly teasing your lover‰’s hot spots with your fingers or a feather. Then, try rubbing an ice cube around their nipples and other erogenous zones to drive them even wilder! Once you finally start using your tongue, your lover will be melting in the palm of your hands!Last but not least, the kinky bondage kit also comes with a festive Santa Hat to help put you and your sexy elf in the holiday mood!Adam and Eve recommends this sex toy set for couples experimenting with kinky bondage and for holiday gag gifts.

Only $29.95 USD

Manufactured by Pipedream

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