Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant

Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant
Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant

Meets The Demands Of Anal Play Like A Winner!Like a Formula One race car, anal play ‰–‰– including backdoor sex and toys like butt plugs ‰–‰– needs a thick, rich lube that will keep on going and going.Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant was created specifically for anal play. It is thick, stays where you put and lasts a long time, thrust after thrust. A little goes a long way and it’s condom safe. There are no desensitizers in Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant, so take your time and enjoy the feeling.‰
• Water based‰
• Designed for anal play‰
• No desensitizers‰
• Fragrance free‰
• Feels like silicone‰
• Safe for all sex toys‰
• Safe with condoms, latex friendly‰
• Long lasting‰
• Not sticky or tacky‰
• Thick formula stays where you put it‰
• Quality ingredients‰
• Glycerin free‰
• Made in USA‰
• Nightstand friendly tube‰
• Flip cap top‰
• 4 ounce bottleYour handy tube of Wicked Jelle Anal lube is made from a water based formula, making it safe to use with condoms, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons ‰–‰– you name it. The flip cap top is great for single-handed applications in a hurry.You can let your Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant sit on the corner of your dresser or nightstand. At a glance it looks like any other personal product, not the awesome anal lube it really is!Adam & Eve recommends Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant for experienced and first time anal players.

Only $15.95 USD

Manufactured by Wicked Sensual Care

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