Whip Me Thigh Hi

Whip Me Thigh Hi
Whip Me Thigh Hi

Use Your Sexy Legs To Send A Printed Message:”Bite Me, Whip Me, Tease Me!”They look like normal, sexy nylon thigh hi’s in front. But turn around and your message is clear!”Bite Me, Whip Me Tease Me” is printed in sensual script on the back seam. No garters needed ‰–‰– your Whip Me Thigh Hi stays up, no matter what happens, thanks to solid black reinforced band at the top. You can also wear these message stockings with garters, too!‰
• Whip Me Thigh Hi‰
• Message emblazoned on back seam‰
• Reads “Bite Me, Whip Me, Tease Me”‰
• Black nylon‰
• Solid black reinforced upper band holds stockings up‰
• Can be with or without garters‰
• Imported ‰
• One size fits 90-160 lbsAfter all that biting, whipping and teasing you can keep your Whip Me Thigh Hi’s looking and feeling like new with a simple hand wash separately in luke warm water. Drip dry. Do not bleach.Your Whip Me Thigh Hi is an imported garment.

Only $9.95 USD

Manufactured by Elegant Moments

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