Waterproof Velvet Pleaser

Waterproof Velvet Pleaser
Waterproof Velvet Pleaser

Soft & silky finish for ultra-smooth orgasms! Titillate your senses with this luxuriously soft and comfortable vibrator! ‰
• Traditional vibrator shape made for easy penetration‰
• Long shaft sends powerful vibrations deep inside your body‰
• Multispeed vibrations easily adjusted from low to high‰
• Vibrator tip houses motor to focus and maximize power‰
• Waterproof for use in the shower or tub‰
• Covered in special velvet finish for an ultra-soft feeling‰
• Made from plastic for extra durability‰
• Vibrator measures 1 inch across and 6 inches long, insertable‰
• Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately Based on a traditional vibrator design, the Waterproof Velvet Pleaser sinks deep inside your pussy to send strong vibrations surging through your whole body. The sex toy‰’s tip hides a strong vibrator motor ‰– providing you with focused vibrations with the maximum possible strength to enhance your pleasure as much as possible. You can even quickly and easily change speeds from low to high with the adjustable dial in the base. The vibrator boosts a special water-tight O ring so you can safely use it in the bathtub or shower. It‰’s also easier to clean the vibrator because the water-tight seal protects the battery compartment from getting wet. The vibrator features a special velvety finish that makes it feel soft to the touch and incredibly smooth. The vibrator is made out of impact-resistant plastic for extra durability, and it‰’s firm to the touch for easy penetration. The vibrator is non-porous so it won‰’t collect hair or dust like sex toys made from either rubber or jelly. The multispeed vibrator measures 1 inch across and 7 inches long, with up to 6 inches insertable. You can turn the sex toy on and off and control the vibration speed with a twist dial in the base of the vibrator. The sex toy‰’s base unscrews to hold 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Adam and Eve recommends the Waterproof Velvet Pleaser Vibrator for vaginal stimulation in th

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