Ultra Sweller Penis Rings

Ultra Sweller Penis Rings
Ultra Sweller Penis Rings

Wear 1, 2 or all 3 cock rings! Slip two rings around your shaft and a third around your balls ‰– or any other combo you want to try! With 3 nub-covered cock rings the possibilities are enormous! ‰
• Multiple cock rings allow for a variety of combinations‰
• Proven method for increasing the size of your cock‰
• Textured for extra stimulation during sex‰
• Cock rings measure 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches in diameter‰
• Made from stretchable and extremely durable siliconeCock rings are one of the few proven methods for increasing the size of your penis. When you slip the snug-fitting around the base of your shaft, it works like a tourniquet to cut off the regular flow of blood. This causes blood to pool in your shaft to give you a thicker and possibly even longer cock. Like a tourniquet, you can‰’t use cock rings for extended periods of time so make sure you take it off after 20 minutes. The outside of each cock ring is covered with small ribs to rub against her clit and vagina during sex for extra stimulation. The three cock rings measure 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches in diameter ‰– giving you a wide assortment to try. All the cock rings are made from silicone. Not only is silicone considered a hygienically superior material, but it‰’s also extremely durable and stretchy. It even naturally retains its shape, which makes it the perfect material for cock rings.Adam & Eve recommends the Ultra Cocksweller Cage for couples to use during sex. The cock rings are compatible with Adam & Eve‰’s water-based sex lubes. Wash the cock rings in warm, soapy water after use and rinse them clean. Let the cock rings dry before storing them with the rest of your sex toys.

Only $10.95 USD

Manufactured by Nasswalk

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