Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator


Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator
Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

Engineered to be the ultimate male masturbator! Protected by Adam and Eve‰’s Satisfaction Guaranteed PolicyIncludes 3 lube samples! Find out for yourself why Japanese men can‰’t put down this revolutionary new masturbator, that‰’s now finally available in the United States! ‰
• Lined with amazingly complex patterns of pleasure bumps, ribs and ticklers‰
• 3 pressure points allow you to adjust the level of tightness and stimulation‰
• First pressure point simulates anal sex‰
• Second pressure makes the whole masturbator feel incredibly tight‰
• Third pressure point stimulates your tip for a super-charged orgasm‰
• Creates a blowjob-like sucking sensation‰
• Male masturbator opens up to add lube & for easy cleaning‰
• Removable top locks the masturbator in place for easy use‰
• Longer than average to swallow even bigger guys‰
• Made from soft and highly durable TPR, a material similar to silicone‰
• Made in Japan by Tenga, a company known for their high-quality male sex toys‰
• Includes 3 lube samples and instructional bookletBalancing function and design, the Tenga Flip Hole looks nothing like your typical male masturbator. In fact, it looks like a high-quality speaker ‰– until you slide the top off to reveal the hottest masturbator on the market!The opening is larger than most masturbators with a rugged design that stands up to even strenuous use. While other male masturbators might start tearing around the opening after repeated use, the Tenga Flip Hole will still look ‰– and feel ‰– like new!The inside is lined with an elaborate pattern of stimulators specially engineered to please your cock. There are pleasure nubs covered with wavy designs, large ribbed ticklers, and much more. And at the end, there‰’s even a large sphere covered with soft pleasure bumps on the inside that hugs your sensitive tip. Each half of the masturbator is lined with a completely different pattern, so you can spin it around on your cock for a completely different feeling.

Only $119.95 USD

Manufactured by Tenga

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