Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand

Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand
Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand

Perfect For Poppin’ Off Prostate Orgasms!Men ‰–‰– enter the backdoor for truly body-quaking orgasms. The smooth glass of the Onyx Prostate Massager is shaped for finding your “P-Spot” and stimulating it ‰–‰– until you come like a geyser! Your favorite lube will feel even more slippery! This 5 3/4″ x 1″ CyberGlass‰ã¢ massager can be heated or cooled for spine-tingling pleasure. And the Onyx Prostate Massager is hygienic: boil or place in top rack of dishwasher. The Onyx Prostate Massager is brought to you by Sinclair Institute Select, a trusted source of sex information and sex toys since 1991. With the Onyx Prostate Massager you’ll discover:‰
• Beautiful CyberGlass‰ã¢ prostate wand provides smooth, comfortable insertion‰
• Rounded handle and specially angled tip with raised ridges easily massages the prostate‰
• CyberGlass‰ã¢ conducts hot and cold temperatures without cracking or breaking‰
• Your Onyx Prostate Massager quickly warms to body temperature during use‰
• CyberGlass‰ã¢ is easy to clean; it can be boiled or placed on the top rack of the dishwasher‰
• Ultra hygienic, waterproof and nonporous”Intimacy products are a wonderful and effective way for couples and individuals to explore their sexual response while adding to their sexual repertoire. Variety, novelty, and endless fun are amongst the many benefits to be realized as lovers enhance their sexual lives, maximize their arousal quotient, and connect in whole new ways.”‰–‰– Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, MDEd

Only $39.95 USD

Manufactured by Sinclair Institute

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